New Genomax Highlights

New Genomax Highlights Bullseye, May 2018 Progenesis OTHELLO - Modesty x Spring Modesty's highest LPI son, Othello is ready to add value to your breeding programs. Neatly combining big time production (2078 KG Milk, 108 KGS Fat) with appealing conformation (+13) he is especially strong for Mammary Systems (+14). Not lacking in pedigree power, [...]

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The Graduating Class – Spring 2018

The Graduating Class – Spring 2018 Bullseye, May 2018 Blondin INTEGRAL RDC - Sympatico x Shottle - It’s never easy to be the other brother of a #1 daughter proven LPI sire but Blondin Integral and Comestar Lineman both show it can be done with success. By the time Integral started his AI career, [...]

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Bulls to beat the mid-winter Blues

Bulls to beat the mid-winter Blues In some parts of western Canada, spring is still NOT just around the corner. And in the parts where it is, there is the muddy, messy days that precede spring make Prairie frost the lesser evil. To create a seasonal distraction from weather our mid-winter Genomax™ new release [...]

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Making an Impression Monument IMPRESSION There’s truth to the statement that you get just once chance to make a first impression. It’s also true that sometimes our first impressions can underestimate the real results we achieve. So it is with Monument IMPRESSION EX-93-8YR-CAN. What is it about this bull that so defies [...]

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New Genomax: Something For Everyone

We enjoy poring over the multitude of options at proof time to assemble our new Genomax offering. Certainly, the chart-topping new comers for LPI and Pro$ and Conformation are the easy ones to identify for inclusion, there are others that more subtly find their way to the list – either because of their overall [...]

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New Proven Sires for December 2018

Five new proven sires graduated to the Proven side of the proof sheet, providing an attractive blend of production and type traits from a variety of pedigrees. We saw additions of strong milk volume bulls DIRECTION and EXTREME, strong Component production sires BOMBERO and LINEMAN, as well as a type expert in DUTY-FREE. [...]

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Mid-Round New Release Bulls – November 2017

Our Genomax lineup is as good if not better than it has ever been after the August 2017 proof round. Bulls like Progenesis Midnight and Westcoast Yamaska with LPI’s of 3506 and 3450, respectively are hard to beat. Still, we have a suite of new bulls for producers to consider that are also irresistible. [...]

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Interpreting a Sire Proof for Fat

With increased consumer demand for higher fat dairy products we are seeing our milk marketers and dairy farmers adjust rapidly to try to fill this need. Increased scrutiny is being placed on Fat production in genetic plans across the Western Provinces, but what exactly do a bull’s proof numbers for fat mean? In this [...]

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Midnight Makes His Debut to the Genomax List

August sire summaries delivered the much anticipated Progenesis MIDNIGHT - Duke x Defender to our proof sheet after too many calls to count asking about him since early 2017. Our first Duke son, Midnight hails from Manhatttan, the prolific bull dam that already provided us with the likes of Seducer, Avatar, Palace, Wizard, Mustang, [...]

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Hidden Gems for Specialty Focus

It’s easy to forget that through using a host of high-ranking young Genomax bulls in our breeding programs, the net result a few years later is some pretty awesome proven sires that can become reliable options to consider for further use. What’s more, some very useful trait leaders emerge that provide excellent improvement on [...]

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