Bullseye – September 2018

Bred with the intention of combining the milking prowess of Supershot with the components and Health attributes of Numero Uno, Superhero flies onto the scene pretty much like those comic book heroes. After all he carries no Mogul, no McCutchen and no Goldwyn in his pedigree, thus offering badly needed and logical mating options for the many daughters that do. No doubt it’s in part why Semex used the bull relatively heavy as a sire of sons. Indeed, some of the most attractive Superhero sons are now available having been added to the proof sheet in August.

Here’s a bit about each:

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Dam of Parachute: Synergy Rubicon Perfect GP-84-2YR-USA

Progenesis Parachute Superhero x Rubicon – He’s among the first sons released on what could be the industry’s most prolific Rubicon daughter, Synergy Rubicon Perfect. The Superhero – Mogul bloodline cross results in a 115 kg Fat yield prediction on what are expected to be nice Typed animals with wide chested and correct Rump structure. Approaching 3500 LPI and at just over 2800 TPI and with double digit Type, this is a great balanced breeding addition to our lineup. Parachute is the Number two Superhero son for LPI available in Canada.

Siemers DarwinSuperhero x Silver – With 95 kg Fat, +12 Conformation and the Robot Ready designation, Darwin will undoubtedly be a popular addition. He lowers pins and offers a nice balance of Heath trait improvement including mastitis resistance, Milking Speed and Milking Temperament. Darwin is among our top Genomax™ options for Rump improvement.

Great-Granddam: Cherry Crest Manoman Roz EX-91-5YR-USA

Progenesis Dropkick Superhero x Kingboy – He gives up a bit of production but at +16 for Conformation, Dropkick is our top Superhero for Type. He is Robot Ready™, he is A2A2 and we think well suited to make some show calves that will also later become productive and high-scoring replacements

Progenesis Dryden Superhero x Kingboy – a full brother to Dropkick and although rated slightly lower for Type at +14, Dryden offers more Milk and is expected to make moderate sized animals that excel on width. He’s another very balanced Superhero that will fit any budget.

Sandy-Valley ChallengerSuperhero x Silver – His 2896 TPI is our highest among bulls currently available. That rating is elite by any standard. Moderate Type is supported by a prediction for extreme Fat yield and excellent Health trait numbers. We are releasing this product with the idea that clients can make their own herds better not for our competitors to use in their breeding programs. As such you’ll need to sign a contract to access semen in the early going on this bull.

Dam: Sandy-Valley Cokisncream

Bring on the Fortune sons

A few short years ago Semex-sire Ladys-Manor Octoberfest (Oak x Dorcy) was recognized by Holstein International as the “outcross sire of the year”. Mating him to a Tango daughter created Progenesis Fortune and now more careful mating within the Semex Product Development Program has led to some very enticing sons, the first pair who have just been released.  They are both must-use types of bulls!

Progenesis HemingwayFortune x Jedi – Our highest LPI offering at 3561, Hemingway provides a big shot of milk along with positive deviations. His +12 Conformation rating promises Excellent udders and nice dairy framed cows. On Health traits he’s no slouch either providing solid ratings for HerdLife, Daughter Fertility, Mastitis Resistance and Calving Ability. He is in very short supply to start but hopefully will be able to catch up with demand as Fall progresses

Progenesis HeisenbergFortune x Jedi – Bred from a full sister to Hemingway’s dam, Heisenberg just like Hemingway is a Robot Ready™ option, offering slightly less production, similar Type and superior Health traits compared to his cousin. In particular his 113 for Daughter Fertility stands out as does a 110 rating for Mastitis Resistance. In fact, the only (Proven or Genomax) sire on the proof sheet that matches that number is the proven sire, Control. The pair are among a very elite group that offer 3500 LPI with double digit Type. Good Health traits are a pretty nice bonus!

Best Value Bull:

Sandy-Valley Chamonix – Eugenio x Mogul – A2 and Robot Ready™, this bull offers impressive production numbers, Double digit Type, and good Rump improvement – all at a very attractive price. With a name like Chamonix he sounds like a clean-up bull – his proof numbers suggest otherwise!