The growing need for unbiased expertise, a venue for collaboration that promotes leveraging pooled knowledge and ensuring convenient access to industry-leading specialists for all aspects of growing dairy operations is the basis for the creation of a new organization named “Proventus”. Borne out of a collaborative partnership between WestGen and the Agwest Veterinary Group, Proventus is a comprehensive new agribusiness consultation network made up of a diverse collection of independent, industry leading professionals. This partnership brings the opportunity for producers to access expertise from a global network that encompasses everything from veterinary care to agribusiness management, including expertise and knowledge from over 600 veterinarians globally and a spectrum of industry experts from across North America.

WestGen’s objective in building the Proventus network hails from recognition of the need and from the belief as a farmer-owned company it has a responsibility to provide leadership for the initiative. As the major shareholder our producers can be assured they have ownership and thus control of this business too as it provides expertise to improve their operations and profitability.  In regards to animal health and wellness, other like-minded veterinary practices will be sought out to join the group. Together we will identify other consultant businesses representing the gold standard in their respective fields and who are not engaged in significant commercialization beyond their advisory capacity.

What is Proventus?

Proventus is a network of independent agricultural experts who provide unbiased solutions and best practices to the farm business needs of dairy and beef producers.

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Proventus Group allows you to make one call to access a wide array of services that provide you with an easy solution to many needs of your business, working alongside with your current service providers.

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