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Introducing OptiMate™ our new and improved mating program.

No other mating program compares. It’s fast and easy, yet incredibly powerful!

  • EASY to use, QUICK to mate
  • EFFORTLESS to access farm data
  • LIMITED TIME to manage
  • Integration with SemexWorks™
  • Work side-by-side with your Genetic advisor
  • Build herd strategies in seconds
  • Match matings to your needs and goals
  • Manage inbreeding and achieve genetic gain
  • Instant results with complete herd forecasting

Ask your Genetic Advisor for a demo today!

The ultimate user experience with high quality visual reports:

What Makes Optimate™ Different? 2018-04-17T15:15:56+00:00

It’s an easy-to-use, touch-based tablet software designed for the dairyman to be involved in the mating experience. There’s tight integration with SemexWorks™ to focus on breeding strategies and economic parameters that are important to the dairy operation. It’s easy to manage inbreeding and maximize genetic gain. Herd strategies are built in seconds creating highly visual and easy-to-interpret reports. Matings can be done on either the TPI or LPI system.

OptiMate provides our clients with the ultimate user experience to tailor matings to their needs and goals helping them make the best decisions for their success.

What is Optimate™? 2018-04-17T15:14:23+00:00

Our new and improved mating program, OptiMate™, quickly and easily provides mating suggestions with complete forecasting of genetic progress.