Working through the COVID-19 Crisis together

COVID-19 is having a major impact on our lives, businesses and our supply chains. As we continue to learn more we are adjusting our precautions as well in order to protect against the spread of the virus. WestGen cares deeply about the health and well-being of our employees, their families and of course of our customer-owners too. We want to share an update about WestGen’s business and the protections we have implemented for our employees and customer-owners safety, while we continue to deliver products and services essential to the business of your dairy farms.

WestGen Staff

WestGen is following the guidance of provincial and federal health experts about prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are reminding our employees about frequent hand washing, and we are regularly cleaning and disinfecting our facilities and equipment as are those working in the field. Most importantly, we have asked that our employees stay home if they feel unwell.

To help protect our employees from the spread of COVID-19, travel has been limited domestically for our staff. Additionally, WestGen is decreasing face-to-face interactions with customers encouraging other means of communications in advance of scheduled on-0farm visits so that we can keep our employees their families and yours’ healthy.

WestGen has divided its business into functional units and limiting the areas within the office that they can access. The company has implemented a temporary work-from-home policy for all employees who are able to perform their responsibilities remotely. We have suspended all face-to-face meetings and are utilizing video conferencing systems to keep good communications between departments going.

Semen shipments

In addition to our commitment to staff and customer-owners, WestGen has a responsibility to maintain the care of animals in our facilities and we have a responsibility to ensure semen products that you need for your business continue to be delivered to us and ultimately to your farms. We will continue normal business processes including the receiving of shipments of product the delivery to our field staff and from there to our customers.

Servicing our Farms

Despite the extent to which many businesses and their services have been affected, we know that our dairy and beef producers will continue to provide care to their cattle. We take pride in being part of the supply chain that will ensure that the nutritious food stuff our Canadian consumers rely on are at least one part of their world that can be counted on. We are proud of our farmer-owners for their commitment to the nations safe and secure food supply. WestGen will continue to adjust to the changing guidance from the medical experts and rest assured we will also continue to serve your needs to the very best of our ability. Adjustments are being made to limit contact during service calls by our genetic advisor team and via technician visits. You can expect increased communication in advance of visits in order to minimize the need for face to face meetings. Please contact them directly or via the office with questions regarding technician services and product deliveries in your area.

We will get through this together

At WestGen, people are what matters most. We are determined to keep our staff safe and to keep your families safe too. Together we want to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is not increased by our actions. As a customer-owned society, we are following the guidance of the provincial and federal leaders and from the experts within the medical community to continue to serve dairy and beef safely. While the situation remains fluid we are confident that with the actions being taken that we will soon see the benefits and some light at the end of the tunnel. Working together, we will get through this!

Attention WestGen Customers
Phone Disruption
We are experiencing difficulties with our phone system at this time that are out of our control, we are working with our suppler to resolve this problem ASAP. To continue to provide you with the best service and support, please contact your local Genetic Advisor or email us at:
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