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The Moocall calving sensor monitors your cows contractions and sends you a notification one hour before she is due to calve.

  • New ‘world first’ technology for farming.
  • Works in low network coverage areas.
  • 30 day fully rechargeable battery.
  • Connects to two cell phones of your choice.
  • After calving, move to the next cow.
  • One sensor per 30 cows on average.
  • 12 months service included with purchase.
  • After 12 months an annual service charge will apply.
  • This covers network connection, unlimited SMS notifications, software and support.

This non-invasive, tail mounted sensor gathers hundreds of pieces of data a second. It can accurately predict when your cow is most likely to give birth by measuring tail movement patterns triggered by labour contractions. When they reach a certain level of intensity over a period of time it then sends an SMS text alert directly to your cell phone on average 1 hour prior to calving.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moocall

How do I register a Calving Sensor?2018-10-31T11:12:33-07:00

Registering your Moocall calving sensor

To register your Moocall calving sensor please follow the link below :

You will be asked for the following information so please have it to hand :

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile number you wish to assign x2 (Remember to select your Country)
  • Email address (optional)
  • MC code – You will find this under the soft grey rubber cushion of your device on a white label. Please ensure to take the code from the device itself and not the box as they may have become mixed up in the retail store.
  • IMEI code ( Last 4 digits) – You will find this beside the MC code under the soft grey rubber cushion of your device.

You will be asked to create a password. This will be your password for your Mobile app account and MyMoocall Dashboard.

If you have already registered a mobile app account you will be asked to login with your Username and Password in order to add a device to your account.

Is there any way to locate a lost Moocall ?2018-10-30T16:36:10-07:00

Unfortunately the Moocall calving sensor does not contain a GPS function. The best chance of finding your sensor would be with the use of a metal detector or by using the LED light as a guide once it has become dark outside. It has been known that a dog will pick them up quite quickly if let loose in the area the sensor has been lost.

How many Calving Sensors do I need?2018-10-30T16:26:18-07:00

How many sensors will you need?

To determine how many Moocall calving sensors you need to consider your herd-size and calving pattern.

We normally recommend one sensor for a herd size of 30-40 cows. This will be dependent on your calving pattern (A 50 cow herd calving year-round differs greatly to one calving over 12 weeks!) and how you plan on managing your sensor.

For example a lot of our farmers operating a very tight calving spread would find the Moocall most useful at the beginning and end of calving once numbers have slackened off. In this situation a farmer may only need 1 or 2 sensors.

If managed effectively the sensor can pick up circa 6 calvings per week as it can be moved straight on to the next cow due to calve. The long battery life of 30 plus days helps to facilitate this.

If you would like further advice on the correct number of units for your particular farm please give our team a call or talk to your Genetic Advisor 1.800.563.5603

False Positives/Early Alerts2018-10-30T16:24:03-07:00

Your device is giving you false positives and early alerts

If you are getting alerts but there appears to be little progress with calving it may indicate the cow is in difficulty.

Here are some situations we have found to be the cause of early alerts or false positives:

  • Calf dies or smothers within a cow before birth (very hard to diagnose beforehand)
  • Heifers carrying embryo calves, where the calf is usually too big to be born naturally
  • Calf not being presented properly in the birth canal ie. twisted calf bed, leg back, head down, coming backwards etc.
  • C-sections will usually trigger an alarm before the actual calving again due to the size of calf
  • A cow’s cervix might not open fully to allow passage for a new born calf (common problem)
  • A cow suffering prolapse before calving or in other words pushing her calving bed out (common in older cows)
  • Mineral deficiency where the cow has no energy to push the calf out. (Selenium, Calcium etc.)
  • A cow displays all the symptoms of calving and then stops and in the next day or so calves herself. (very hard to tell a farmer that unless he has seen it himself.)
  • An active calf that is moving and kicking a lot before birth can irritate a cow giving an early alert

If you still have questions, please give us a call at 1.800.563.5603

The button on my Moocall is not working2018-10-30T16:20:58-07:00

If you can’t power on or off your sensor and the button may be broken

If you are struggling to turn your Moocall calving sensor on or off there could be a problem with the button.

If when you press the button you cannot hear or feel a “click” and if you hear a rattle inside the device when shaken the likelihood is that the button has broken.

If this is the case you have a few options.

  1. If your sensor is powered off and will not power on again it will need to be sent in to us for repair.
  2. If your device is still powered on you can continue to use it for the moment if necessary (note you will not be able to re-charge as doing so will power off your sensor).

If you need to have your Moocall repaired, please call our head office at 1.800.563.5603 and we can help troubleshoot the issue.

My red rubber is too long2018-10-30T16:18:47-07:00

The red rubber for the Moocall calving sensor overlaps and the device slips off

The rubber liner can be be cut to size depending on the size of the tails on the cows in your herd. For thin tails cut off both segments, for medium tails cut off one, and for thick tails don’t cut at all.

How to assign a Calving Sensor to a Cow2018-10-30T16:15:52-07:00

Keep track of who’s calving when by adding a calving sensor to a specific cow.

One of these is assigning a calving sensor to a cow who is in calf. This can be especially useful if you are using multiple devices.

Here’s how you do it:

1: Open up your Breedmanager App and press ‘In Calf’ category

2: Find the cow you want to assign the calving sensor to.

3: Swipe right and press ‘Add Sensor’

4: Select your sensor number from the drop down menu and press ‘OK’.

When you have it done, the cow should look like this: