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Bullseye – September 2018

Genomically Tested embryos provide extreme genetic value! If you could generate a 3300 LPI or higher calf from a 1000 LPI heifer, you would essentially be short-circuiting about 4 generations of genetic improvement. So how can you do it? Genomically tested embryos, that’s how. Many of the embryos we have on offer are sisters to future Semex sires or bull mothers and since they are already genomically tested the certainty of what you are buying is much higher than with a dose of semen. Also, where sexed semen typically gives you 90% females, genomically tested embryos provide 100% females.

WestGen offers genomically tested embryos in packages of 6 and offers an insurance against sub-standard pregnancy results. Resulting calves have the genetic potential to lead your herd and to provide a genetic nucleus for your own breed improvement program. It’s not just for elite genetic herds – genomically tested embryos provide a compelling economic boost and a strong return on investment for just about any production systems and herd size.
All you need is a plan so talk to your WestGen Genetic Advisor today!