WestGen Bullseye – July 2018

It hasn’t always been this way so it worth noting and advertising the recent wealth of product strength that exists in our Jersey lineup. The Semex product line today includes 10 of the top 15 Young Jersey Genomic bulls ranked by GPA LPI and 16 of the top 25! Say what?? I know!!! Among them are four bulls from the popular River Valley program and host of different pedigree and balanced breeding options.

Here is a sampling of what is available: The list includes 8 bulls all by different sires that offer high LPI and +10 Conformation.

If you are a Jersey enthusiast you owe it to yourself to take a good look at all the recent additions to our proof sheet. In fact, so proud are we about this product WestGenJerseyCover_Apr2018strength that for the first time in April, we decided to publish a dedicated Jersey offering.

With more and more producers adding Jersey animals to their herd to tip the scale on fat, we are pleased that our wealth of new options coincides with this increased focus on the little brown cow.