Jersey August 2020 Sire Proof Sheet

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Jersey Proven Highlights

On the Jersey front, Proven sire Golden GDK Vivaldi maintains his #1 status for LPI and Pro$. While the bull is no longer available, there will be lots of calves in Western Canada to ensure his genes provide maximal impact.

Jersey Genomax Highlights

A couple nice additions will both fit with Jersey Balanced Breeding objectives.

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BUSHLEA PN VIRAL (Premier X On Time X Centurion)     

0200JE08187 Making his way to the proven side of the sheet is the popular genomax bull Viral. Viral graduates with an GLPI of 1995 and a Pro$ rating at 2484. Type is exceptional with 11 for Conformation, 9 for Mammary, 7 Feet & Legs, 8 Dairy Strength and 12 for Rump! The highlights of this conformation break down are a 10 for Fore Attachment, 9 Rear Attachment Height, 12 Dairy Capacity and a 9 for Loin Strength. Viral delivers a respectable 538 Kgs of Milk, 77 Kgs of Fat and 38 Kgs of Protein with deviations .66% and .25% respectively. Viral is an A2A2, Fertility First bull from the On Time Vogue cow, out of one of the most influential cows in the Jersey breed: Veronica. This bull has the whole package backed by a great cow family and now he is Proven.

FDL BARCELONA (Barnabas X Premier X Celebrity)  0200JE1048 

Also making his way to the Proven side of the sheet is the popular A2A2 and Robot Ready bull Barcelona. Barcelona graduates with 823 Kgs of Milk 51 Kgs of Fat and 41 Kgs of Protein. Barcelona posts a pleasing 7 for Conformation, 8 Mammary 5 Feet & Legs and a 6 for Rump. In the details Barcelona offers ideal Rear Teat Placement at 1w, an 8 for Rear Attachment Height, and a 7 for Rear Attachment Width, Udder Texture and Median Suspensory Ligament – he is a really good udder bull! Meanwhile, he also consistently lowers pins with a Rump Angle rating of 9L. Barcelona has a nice Health trait break down. Standing out is his 106 for Milking Speed and Milking Temperament. Another Proven bull that has already been a popular Genomax sire it’s nice to see Barcelona take this step.