Bulls to beat the mid-winter Blues

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Bulls to beat the mid-winter Blues

Bulls to beat the mid-winter BluesGenomax logo

In some parts of western Canada, spring is still NOT just around the corner. And in the parts where it is, there is the muddy, messy days that precede spring make Prairie frost the lesser evil. To create a seasonal distraction from weather our mid-winter Genomax™ new release offering may be just the ticket.

Progenesis DENMARK Jedi x Kingboy

There are just three bulls among the over 11 months crowd listed on CDN that can combine 3500 LPI with +14 Type. All three are Semex bulls – just one is available. That would be Denmark! High production, stellar Type – it all fits considering his All-American heritage that traces to Coldsprings Dur Chan
EX-95-2E the All-American 4-yr-old in 2004. Expect Denmark to make medium statured cows with wide front ends and exceptional udders. In addition, offers Immunity+™, Robot Ready™ and A2A2 status to add to his appeal. Please be patient supply will be tight in the early going.

Westcoast ALCOVE Duke x MVP 

He is the highest rated bull for Fat on CDN’s listing of bulls over 11 months of age. His 3507 LPI points are driven in large part by his exceptional production profile of 2154kg M 130kg F and 91Kg P. Those numbers are hard to beat! In addition, his fat and protein deviations are very strong as well. His Type numbers are balanced and while he isn’t expected to make fancy cows, they will be medium sized, powerful with correct teat placement. They will also display admirable health traits. Alcove is Robot Ready and an A2A2 bull. With the new milk payment system he’s a bull you won’t want to miss out on!

Westcoast BUDWEISER Fedex x Spring

Made to be a heifer bull, Budweiser offers a great deal more besides. His 3380 LPI is high enough to get noticed and his double digit ratings for Conformation, Udders and F&L pass the Type test. An ultra-low SCS rating at 2.56 is welcome too. Still, at 108 for Calving Ability, this is the rating that sets the stage for how to use this bull. A reliable Calving Ease specialist is welcome in most tanks. Let’s label him the King of Calving!

Progenesis Butterfly Montana x Pulsar  

With just one appearance of Mogul in his pedigree and already three generations back, Butterfly fits in most breeding programs. He does deliver “butter” with a 99 kg Fat prediction coupled with solid milk and high deviations too. He traces to the Faith family from Ralma breeding and can be expected to deliver solid, balanced cows. He is an Immunity+ sire and is an A2A2 bull as well.

Progenesis Firstpick Draftpick x Pulsa

An A2A2, Robot Ready offering, Firstpick packages bloodlines a bit differently than most of the mainstream bulls. He offers solid production and very functional Type with particular strength in the F&L area where he can be expected to deliver excellent foot structure alongside ideal leg set. He’s also among the higher rated bulls for Digital Dermatitis resistance.

Dulet Apollo Red Sunfish x Savage

He’s from the Apple family but has a pedigree that is quite unique for Red enthusiasts. Sunfish is a RC Cashcoin son from the Silk family while Apollo’s dam is a VG-86 point Red Savage granddaughter of Regiment Apple-Red. Savage is an RC Shottle son. Of course you can expect great Type from Apollo-Red. They will be tall and angular with excellent high and wide rear and snug fore udders. Notably, he is among the best for Rump improvement among the Genomax™ group at +8 and will add slope to rumps which works well for many red pedigrees. We expect to see red 4-H calves in the ring in 2019!

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