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Rewarding Results with Pooling – Boviteq West

Rewarding Results with PoolingBoviteq-West

“I love taking advantage of Boviteq West’s pooling technology, since it allows me to to significantly lower my risks and my costs when working with multiple donors.

Some donors are inevitably stronger than others, so I don’t like to gamble entirely on one donor producing viable oocytes. Pooling multiple donors together and interchanging the donors in the pools between matings has ensured that I have enough viable oocytes to warrant going forward with the fertilization process.

Utilizing Boviteq West’s IVF services has also allowed me to continue collections, even after a donor has become pregnant! We’ve been working with a lot of pregnant donors lately, and there’s no other reproductive technology that allows you to do that.”

Ridley Wikkerink
Stanhope Wedgwood, BC

Contact Boviteq West today to find out how pooling can fit into your genetic plan too!

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