Bullseye, November 2018

Strategic use of mating sires sometimes means bulls finally released to market will soon be followed by their sons. That’s the case for Progenesis Fabulous who becomes available in sexed form only on November 1st. Meanwhile a long list of additional bulls is now available that were not yet in August. A few of the highlights appear below.

Progenesis FABULOUSJett x Kingboy – 3419 LPI, 2802 Pro$, 2829 TPI, +12 Conf – Fabulous has progeny that are already 6 months old. Heavily used by Semex for exclusive Product Development, he is now available in sexed form for all. All of his indexes are still very attractive. He is still Jett’s highest TPI son. He, along with stablemate Stantons Newsbreak, is his most attractive double-digit Type son on the LPI list as well. His maternal line traces to the highly regarded Markwell Bstar Raven family. He carries the Robot Ready™ designation and has a very solid Milk and Type profile sure to appeal to many producers. His early sons will make their debut next summer!

STE Odile MILKTIME – Duke x Supershot – 3387 LPI, 2836 TPI, 3142Kg Milk, 3223 Pro$, A2A2 – One of the best value bulls on our proof sheet, Milktime is true to his name. He is the industry’s #1 Pro$ bull and he is now available in sexed form. This is a bull that offers a lot of complimentary aspects to the cows we currently have. Infuse more milk and widen chests at the same time. Where can you find a production bull that does such a nice job as well on Rump structure? This is a bull all producers should use in their breeding programs to add profit.

Lindenright APPS – Applicable x Superman – 3350 LPI, +15 Conf – tracing to the same Atlantic family that brought us Missy Goldwyn, Apps is our first Applicable (Silver x McCutchen) son. Producers will appreciate his very attractive Type breakdown that features moderate stature with a nice +7 chest width rating. Moderate production numbers come along with this really attractive Type specialist.

Progenesis PARKAVENUEFortune x Supershot – 3464 LPI, +12 Conf, Immunity+®, A2A2 – It is not easy to find bulls that deliver exceptional milk yields along with the right Type. Parkavenue fits that bill however and throws A2A2 and Immunity+ features in too. Expect strong cows with exceptional foot structure and surprisingly shallow udders despite their productiveness.

Leaninghouse HOBBSFortune x Silver – 3412 LPI, 103 kg F, 2837 TPI, Robot Ready, A2A2 – Here’s another very useful Fortune son with a solid Type breakdown to go along with his high fat yields. Tracing to the Ralma Juror Faith family, Hobbs is among the best Robot Ready A2A2 options with high Fat yield. Note his high TPI rating as well!

Progenesis PLUTO – Fortune x Delco – 3455LPI, +8 Conf, Robot Ready™, Immunity+ – Pluto is another high ranking and attractive Fortune son that puts the complete package together – good production, durable Type and strong health traits. A high-ranking Immunity+ sire as well, this certainly adds an important reason why producers should use him in their herds.

Guimo JAMIE – IF Matt x Tbone Dynamic – Certainly one of our most attractive new Jersey additions in August, Jamie is now available in sexed form as well. Jamie whose grand dam is Fermar Paramount Joy, delivers High Fat yields with a very attractive Type pattern too. With top Jersey bulls all being in high demand, that Jamie now has sexed semen will be propel him to higher popularity.