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New Genomax Highlights

New Genomax HighlightsGenomax logo

Bullseye, May 2018

Progenesis OTHELLO – Modesty x Spring

Modesty’s highest LPI son, Othello is ready to add value to your breeding programs. Neatly combining big time production (2078 KG Milk, 108 KGS Fat) with appealing conformation (+13) he is especially strong for Mammary Systems (+14). Not lacking in pedigree power, he traces his family line back to the Ammon-Peachey Shauna family. Expect short supply for at least several more months.

Westcoast ALCOVE – Duke x MVP 

Duke’s highest LPI son fits the modern ideal for commercial breeding. Very strong component production (+124 KGS Fat, +0.43%F) with an attractive 106 Daughter Fertility rating predicts hard working cows. Reducing stature, while adding lots of Chest Width, correct Rump Angle and strong udder attachments; this A2A2 sire will fit in many breeding programs.

Westcoast ATHABASKA – Euclid x MVP

Euclid’s highest LPI son, Athabaska is a maternal brother to Westcoast Alcove. A Robot Ready™ sire that is extremely balanced across his proof; He is rated +10 for Mammary System and offers +91Kgs Fat +0.41% Fat all tied together by stellar health traits including 113 for Herd Life.

Progenesis DENMARK – Jedi x Kingboy

A rare combination at over 2100KGS milk and +14 for Mammary Systems this Immunity+® sire does it all. Fitting in to modern breeding programs focused on A2A2 and Robotic Milking systems this Jedi son will propel your herds in the right direction. Expect short supply until early summer.

Villy SILVIO – Abbott x Doorman

Silvio makes his awaited debut as a type superstar. Silvio possesses an extreme, balanced, no-holes type breakdown. While lower on Milk, he offers strong Fat production (+75 KGS) and deviations (+0.62% Fat). Improve your herd with this already popular +17 Conformation A2A2 sire. Silvio is housed in Semex’ Europe stud in Hungary. As such, importations will take place once a month and demand is expected to exceed supply in the first few months.

Progenesis WEBSTER-PFranchise x Delta

One of the highest LPI polled sires available today Webster-P brings the influential sire Delta to the polled population. +1695 KGS Milk and +75 KGS Fat with strong Mammary Systems will help you profitably meet your goals for more polled animals. A Calving Ease sire that transmits A2A2 make him doubly attractive.

Walnutlawn SIDEKICK Abbott x McCutchen

Already making a splash in the industry Sidekick only now makes it on to our proof sheet. Offering phenomenal improvements in all the major type traits including +18 for Conformation overall, +17 Fore Attachment, 0 Rear Legs Side View, and +8 Loin Strength. A rating of 102 for Calving Ability should ensure these fancy calves arrive without complications.