Bullseye – September 2018

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out might be the reason some people jump on latest Genomax sires. The desire to get on board early is a pretty powerful force. That said, fear of missing out should also surely apply to top ranked proven sires that exceed genomic expectations. Monument Impression is such a sire, who continues to see demand outstrip supply. Another bull who is sure to get there is Comestar LAUTRUST.

It’s hard to miss a bull right at the top of the Proven LPI list, especially one that combines the notoriety of the Laurie Sheik family alongside an outcross opportunity that a little-used bloodline like his sire Sudan offers. If you’ve considered Lautrust and have moved on to the next bull, we think a revisit is in order.

Lautrust calves are standouts in heifer pens and we expect his popularity will continue to grow. High production, strong components, solid Type and particularly good Rump improvement all describe well what Lautrust will do. He is A2A2 and a Repromax™ high fertility option available in both the conventional and sexed package – and if you aren’t using him; respectfully, we think you are missing out.