Our industry is changing at an ever increasing pace and the need for unbiased expertise has never been more apparent than today. For the past two years we have been exploring the best way to create a network of independent expertise and more importantly, a venue for collaboration that promotes leveraging pooled knowledge and ensuring convenient access to industry-leading specialists for all aspects of growing dairy and beef operations. This is the basis for the creation of a new organization named “Proventus”.

Borne out of a collaborative vision and partnership between WestGen and the Agwest Veterinary Group, the Proventus Group is a comprehensive, agribusiness consultation organization made up of a diverse collection of independent, industry-leading professionals. The collaborative nature of the Proventus Group utilizes the benefits of pooled knowledge and resources across multiple industries to ensure that clients have convenient and focused access to industry leading specialists for all aspects of their operation. It also enables the independent professionals within the Proventus Group to stay up to date on the latest industry advancements, and to seek assistance from their fellow Proventus experts to confidently provide advice to a broader range of clients.

The expertise of Proventus encompasses everything from veterinary care to agribusiness management which will be able to deliver added value and at the same time respect and collaborate with the existing service providers to your business. In the early development of the concept it was clear that there are two key pillars to the business: animal health & well-being and business & financial services. We are pleased to announce that both pillars will be in place at the time of our launch.
Once established, Proventus will then expand to include advisors from a wide array of specialties. To be able to access industry leading expertise it is not only a goal but a requirement of Proventus to be absent of any direct commercial alliance to ensure our producers receive the best advice to meet the needs of their own businesses.

Stay tuned for upcoming news about Proventus and how it can add value to your farm. If you would like to receive email updates about Proventus by email, send us an email to info@proventusgroup.com to join our e-newsletter.