OptiMatelogoHOROptimate is a revolutionary new tool to help breeders maximize genetic gains, while controlling inbreeding. With the ability to take herd information from either DHI records, or straight from farm software we are able to provide more accurate breeding recommendations to both registering and non-registering herds.
Optimate very neatly ties together all of our genetic tools into one extremely effective package.

  1. Begin with our Genetic Benchmarking tool, identify weaknesses and track progress made towards whatever your goals are in your breeding program.
  2. Next, use SemexWorks™ to create a custom farm index that places focus on the traits you want to improve most on to create a profitable herd. Choose appropriate sires to maximize genetic gains, and limit inbreeding by first considering how related any sire is to your specific herd even before you make the purchase.
  3. Finally, use Optimate ™ to strategize how to best use your semen inventory to maximize genetic gains.
  • Want to use sexed semen on the top 50% of your two year olds? Optimate can do that.
  • Want to identify the bottom 20% of your heifer group to become embryo recipients? Optimate can do that.
  • Want to mate all your cows scored below Good Plus to beef semen? Optimate can do that

Whatever your goals are, our genetic tools help you get there faster. Ask your WestGen representative to work with you to create a plan for your herd’s future today!