Canadians Embrace Fat in their Dairy Productsbutter knife , bread , garlic and milk

Western Canadian Dairy producers have seen unprecedented growth in quota over the past couple of years. The stigma of fat being unhealthy has begun
to dissipate as new research comes to light and thus has contributed to growth in the consumer demand for butterfat.

The demand for more butterfat has also resulted in more skim milk being produced, resulting in a proposed national ingredient strategy to encourage processors to use more skim milk by creating a lower-priced class of dairy ingredients known as Class 7.
Thus, the western milk marketing boards will be shifting more of the value onto butterfat, which should encourage producers to ship a higher percentage of butter fat and reduce the amount of skim off being produced on farms.

The Butter-nomics of increasing percent butterfat on your dairy:

  • Increase $ per Hectolitre
  • Decrease the amount of Milk Levies paid
  • Maximize quota production per cow/stall/robot
  • Take advantage of incentive days and leased quota opportunities

What it means for your dairy:

The focus on fat is here to stay. Genetics play a key role. Even though genetic improvements are not immediate the sooner you make it a focus the sooner you will see results.

WestGen is here to help!

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