Our Genomax lineup is as good if not better than it has ever been after the August 2017 proof round. Bulls like Progenesis Midnight and Westcoast Yamaska with LPI’s of 3506 and 3450, respectively are hard to beat. Still, we have a suite of new bulls for producers to consider that are also irresistible. Here is a synopsis.

claynook-fabby-silverWalnutlawn SIDEKICKAbbott x McCutchen
With a +19 rating (+22 DGV) Sidekick is the highest rated Type bull available above 3000 LPI. Customers have been asking for him for quite some time. Even though quantities will be very limited for at least the next several months, this bull has been released to the market. His sire Willsbro Abbott, despite high numbers was not marketed extensively due to his HCD carrier status. Fortunately Sidekick is not a carrier. Expect exceptional Type improvement and even fancy Type too. Still, Sidekick has a very balanced profile and can be used in a wide variety of settings. Bonus: he is an A2A2 sire.



claynook-reata-wickhamClaynook RUMMY Abbott x Wickham

Rated +16 for Type and with a well-rounded 3334 LPI rating, Rummy is another appealing HCD-free, A2A2 Abbott son for those looking to add extreme Udder (+16) and Feet & Leg (+14) improvement in a moderate frame package (+7 DS), along with notable ratings for both SCS (2.58) and Mastitis Resistance (109). This bull was truly dealt a good hand.



walnutlawn-mccutchen-summerClaynook FARWELLAbbott x Silver

A third Abbott son, also with high LPI (3326) and exemplary Type numbers (+14 Conf, +13 Mammary, +13 F&L), Farwell is also HCD-free and A2A2, but with slightly higher Milk (+1314 kg) and perhaps a better health trait profile than his paternal brothers, especially for Milking Speed (108). He’s certainly a bull that slots in easily in lots of different scenarios and can be expected to be a safe choice on heifers too.



westcoast-ardourWestcoast ARDORDraftpick x MVP
With many familiar bloodlines close up in his pedigree, Ardor is none-the-less packaged a little differently, as one of just a handful of Draftpick sons in our lineup and from an MVP dam which is rather unique as well. Ardor carriers the very attractive combination of Immunity+®, Robot Ready™ and A2A2 designations. In addition he is expected to deliver high Fat yields (+98 kg) and solid Type (+10) in a Durable package (112 Herd Life & 111 Daughter Fertility). Not surprisingly he is rated high for LPI (3419), Pro$ 2758 and TPI (2710).



westcoast-griffWestcoast GRIFFAfterburner x Jacey – Again with a slightly different background, Griff brings in some different bulls both topside and bottomside in his pedigree. We recently visited Westcoast’s Morsan barns and saw Grace, the dam of Griff, just going dry after her first lactation. A barn-full of cows like her would make a pretty awesome herd. Griff might just be the ticket too. He is a Robot Ready™ option that ticks all the boxes. He offers high component yields with a near perfect Type breakdown including solid numbers for Rump improvement. This is one that will fit in most western Canadian herds. Give Griff and this entire enticing offering a try!