Midnight Makes His Debut to the Genomax List

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Midnight Makes His Debut to the Genomax List

August sire summaries delivered the much anticipated Progenesis MIDNIGHT – Duke x Defender to our proof sheet after too many calls to count asking about him since early 2017. Our first Duke son, Midnight hails from Manhatttan, the prolific bull dam that already provided us with the likes of Seducer, Avatar, Palace, Wizard, Mustang, Dockside and more. He is the breed’s only +3500 LPI bull with conventional semen available. That he is Robot Ready™ and sports +13 for Type makes him a bull everyone will want to use. Expect tight supply in the early going, so please be patient.


Four more Robot Ready Options
Midnight may be the glamour boy among the new Robot Ready options, but he has good company. Check out these additional options:


Westcoast YAMASKA – Afterburner x Yoder A highly rated new fat yield improver with nearly 120kg and +0.61% F, Yamaska checks a lot of boxes. His Production prowess is just the start. An Afterburner son, he offers a slightly different pedigree, excellent milk, fat and protein yields, balanced Robot Ready Type and a pleasing Health trait profile too. He also offers improvement on many Type traits that classifiers preach need attention: lowering pins, adding width to rumps and chests, while moderating stature. This is a bull hard to find fault with and very easy to like!


Westcoast RIGEL – Afterburner x Camaro – Here’s another high Fat option (92 kg, +0.48%F) that offers exceptional Type improvement too (+14). It’s hard to find high Type bulls that not only deliver great udder attachments and exceptional feet and legs, but balance stature with chest width, widen and lengthen teats and lower and widen pins too. Rigel is simply an exceptional addition that promises to make the right kind of Robot Ready cows for western Canadian dairy farms.


Progenesis CAMERON – Penmanship x Yoder With nearly 190 kg of combined Fat and protein yield, Cameron is another Robot Ready option that delivers exceptional value as would be indicated by his 2871 Pro$ rating that is second on our listing only to Midnight. He widens and lengthens teats (5W, 1L) improves milking speed (106) and on Health is our best for Metabolic Disease Resistance (108). If you like profitable cowsCameron is an easy choice to include in your next OptiMate!


Swissbec WHISK-P – Jedi x Mardi-Gras The polled gene may not be a priority for many but, Whisk-P is a bull that we think you will want to use in your fall mating list. With an ideal Robot Ready Type break down that protects teat placement and length (2W, 3L), improves rumps, offers an extreme ratio for Chest Width to Stature (+8 vs +3) and delivers a very pleasing Health trait profile, Whisk-P will introduce polled even if you don’t really care to. Consider it a bonus!

Exciting Type Specialist Red Carrier
Siemers OVERWING RDC – High Octane x Mogul This is not a traditional Sire-MGS combination associated with Red cows. That’s a bonus as it leaves lots of places for this +16 Type bull to be used. Overwing is from the hottest Red family in the business, tracing to Apple; and as you’d expect, what you give up in his moderate production numbers will more than be made up for in the fancy department. Go ahead and make that next 4-H calf with this bull – he has the Pedigree to make winners.

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