Metabolic Disease Resistance

///Metabolic Disease Resistance

Metabolic Disease Resistance

A New Trait has appeared in our genetic evaluations!

Metabolic Disease Resistance

On December 6, 2016, genetic evaluations for Metabolic Disease Resistance (MDR) were released by Canadian Dairy Network.

Displaced Abomasum’s, Clinical and Subclinical Ketosis are all products of a cows environment, as well as her genetics.

Data was collected by DHI on Displaced Abomasum’s and Clinical Ketosis from on-farm DairyComp information. Early lactation
fat-protein ratios, and body condition scores combined with the analysis of DHI milk sample BHB levels gave a good meter for measuring Subclinical Ketosis.

MDR has a heritablility of 7%, showing that genetic selection will be beneficial when combined with good on farm management protocols.

This trait will be expressed as a Relative Breeding Value (RBV) in the functional trait category on an animal’s evaluation, with 100 being breed average and higher numbers being more desirable with the goal of creating healthier offspring.

Just another tool for you to use when selecting sires to strengthen your herd. Visit www.cdn.ca to query sires.

mdr chart

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