Hidden Gems for Specialty Focus

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Hidden Gems for Specialty Focus

It’s easy to forget that through using a host of high-ranking young Genomax bulls in our breeding programs, the net result a few years later is some pretty awesome proven sires that can become reliable options to consider for further use. What’s more, some very useful trait leaders emerge that provide excellent improvement on specific traits of focus. Here are a few examples of newly proven bulls that offer you reliable leadership that cannot be matched by any other Proven sires or Genomax sires.

Gen-I-Beq Aikosnow RDC Snowman x Baxter

We’ve introduced quite a number of Snowman sons to the proof sheet. Indeed he has been an excellent sire of sons for Semex regularly delivering tons of Milk
improvement with nice Mammary Systems and exceptional Feet & Legs. Still, there has been none quite like Aikosnow who combines to offer 207kg of Fat + Protein. With 118 kg Fat and 89 kg Protein, he is among the leader board for both traits. Bonus traits with Aikosnow include balanced overall Type, slightly wider and longer rear teats, slightly lower rump angle, reliable Calving Ability and red carrier status.

If you like cows that pay bills, he’s hard to ignore!

Summerliz LivingEpic x Man O Man

It’s hard to find bulls that deliver more chest width than stature and while most people agree we don’t need to make cows taller, lots of classifiers will tell you
that chest width is something we need to focus on. Although no longer alive, we did decide to add Living back onto to the proof sheet as the reigning breed leader (tied with two other bulls and one point higher than Doorman) for Dairy Strength. Living also distinguishes himself with his outstanding 115 rating for milking speed. Add wider rear teats, lower pins and Repromax status as additional reasons to consider this bull in your mating program.

Velthuis SGC Atmost – Atwood x Snowman

If you are looking for top-notch Feet & Leg improvement, you will be pleased to find Atmost, a bull sampled right here in western Canada who graduated with a +17
rating. This is significant because his outstanding +17 rating for Rear Leg Rear View is based on cows primarily evaluated in free stall settings. Atmost is nearly as good on Udder improvement with a +14 proof and boasts a sporty +16 on overall Type. What’s extraordinary is he combines these numbers with a +2000kg milk rating! Again, a few bonus traits: he widens rear teats, is suitable for use on heifers and atypical of other Atwood sons, makes them moderate in size and stature.

If you want to focus on improvement on specific traits like Combined Fat & Protein Yield, Dairy Strength, Feet & Legs, Milking Speed, or combined Fat & Protein Yield these are bulls that are the leaders and have the milking daughters to prove it.