More Exciting Genomax – Jan 2017

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More Exciting Genomax – Jan 2017


As we do each proof round, here is an introduction to 7 new Genomax bulls that join our proof sheet and a brief description on each.

Progenesis SEDUCER – Supershot x Defender – Our first sire to be released to market with an LPI exceeding 3500, he’s also our highest Pro$ bull at $2933. He is a Robot Ready sire offering over 170kg of combined fat and protein improvement. He balances it off with nice double-digit type for Udders and Feet & Legs and over 110 ratings for Herdlife and Daughter Fertility. Calving Ability rating suggests he should be fine for use on your best heifers. This is one everyone should include in their next GMate!
Boldi V GYMNAST – Doorsopen x Jabir – at 3448 LPI and bred from an Epic grand dam that is a full sister to the dams of top-flight daughter-proven stars Airintake and Album, Gymnast provides the same +170kg Fat and Protein combination as Seducer, with Robot Ready designation as well and a similar balance of Type and Health too. He’s another must-use profit maker. Gymnast is our highest new TPI rated bull at 2712.
View-Home CARDINALS – Yoder x McCutchen – Just under 3400 LPI combined with +13 Type makes this Yoder son our top Immunity+ bull. He’s also available in sexed form so let your reps know they can get in line with your confirmed order!
Alphagen MIRADOR – Silver x McCutchen – He’s yet another Robot Ready option to work into your GMate. With just under 3300 LPI and +14 Type he offers 110kg of Fat which is only exceeded by Macadam on our proof sheet at 114kg.
Stantons OSCAR – 1stClass x Mogul – With 3282 LPI and +14 Type, it is only his extreme shallow udder rating that prevents him from attaining the Robot Ready designation. Along with Cardinals the pair have the best overall Health trait profiles among our Genomax bulls. Definitely a high value-for-money-spent bull.
Progenesis KEVIN – Elude x 5G – An early Elude son out of a 5G dam who perhaps will have even more upside on Type numbers in April from his current +16 rating. His breakdown includes very attractive numbers for both Udders (+16) and Feet & Legs (+14). He has a strong rating for Herdlife (110) to go along with all that Type too and his Calving Ability rating makes him safe for heifers. Kevin is one of our highest rated bulls for the new Metabolic Disease Rsistance trait at 105.
Charpentier COINMONEY – 1stClass x McCutchen – With his +18 Udder rating he is certainly a safe bet to improve overall mammary systems with particular emphasis on shallow udders (14S), udder texture (16) and fore attachment (16). All that Type comes at a very affordable price too.

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