Announcing the Best Barn Cow Awards Winner

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Announcing the Best Barn Cow Awards Winner

Best Barn Cow Awards


Congratulations to all the participants of WestGen’s inaugural Best Barn Cow Awards! Many worthy entries were received for this destined to be prestigious award. Each entry was a testament to the daily hard work and dedication you have for your animals. Impressive lifetime totals, short calving intervals and big deviations were all hallmarks of what you identified as your Best Barn Cows.

And the Winner Is…

Saanwood September Lavender, from Viewfield Farms.

Born June 26, 2007 a September Storm from an 87% registered Comestar Outside dam, Lavender has done everything right. Calving first at 25 months and then again every year since, her longest lactation to date was 373 days long. Currently on her 8th lactation and having just passed the 100,000kgs mark Lavender is still going strong. As an almost 10 year old cow she is projected at over 14,000kgs milk at 5.2%F 3.1%P and is on track once again to outperform her herd mates. She has left 3 productive daughters so far, and her average Somatic Cell over her lifetime to date is only 27,500. Described as being “tremendously consistent” she shows that through her tremendous lifetime production numbers.

Congratulations to Viewfield Farms on Lavender, and on the phenomenal care you provide your cows, as demonstrated here, in this most impressive example.

YR-Month DIM Milk Fat %F Prot %P Milk Fat Prot
 2009-Aug  2x  320  9510  367  3.9 325  3.4  237  242  249
2010-Aug 2x 303 11979 436 3.6 401 3.3 274 266 282
2011-Aug 2x 306 13127 520 4.0 431 3.3 276 291 280
2012-Aug 2x 314 13117 470 3.6 410 3.1 259 246 253
2013-July 2x 373 15697 668 4.3 479 3.1 276 319 258
2014-Sept 2x 346 14735 539 3.7 455 3.1 258 248 249
2015-Sept 2x 307 13962 640 4.6 438  3.1 267 329 264
2016-Sept 2x P226  14567 763 5.2 458 3.1 284 402 283
8 Lactation(s): 103473 4255 4.1 3288 3.2 266 293 265

Visit our Facebook page to see the other entries to be posted soon!

The contest:

WestGen wants to recognize your Best Barn Cow!

She may not be the fanciest, or even the highest producing cow in your herd, but we all love the cow that reliably breeds back every year, avoids sickness and consistently produces above herd averages. We want to recognize that faithful contributor to your bottom line!

Nominate your Best Barn Cow by emailing marketing@westgen.com with a description of why your cow deserves to be honored with this new award!

  • this is an all breeds contest
  • entries must be received before February 28, 2017
  • cows must be registered, and have completed at least 5 official milk records above herd averages
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