WestGen would like to thank all its customers for their continued patronage regarding AI needs and would like to provide some friendly reminders.

One of the services many of our customers require is the delivery of Liquid Nitrogen to their farm so that semen and embryos can be safely stored in farm tanks. This is a very costly service to offer with trucks, tanks, annual tank inspections and certifications all substantially costlier items than the liquid nitrogen itself being delivered. Still, it is a critical item to the AI business and although we do not assume liability for losses associated with a tank failure, as a farmer-owned business timely liquid nitrogen delivery is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Despite that there are very few tank failures and that in general, a typical farm tank can be counted on for at least 12 weeks of storage, on occasion tanks can suddenly and without warning lose their charge. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you have the value of Semen and Embryos stored on your farm covered under your farm insurance policy, as depending on the contents, a failure can be costly.

Even though WestGen has processes in place to ensure timely delivery of Liquid Nitrogen, it is a shared responsibility to ensure that your storage tank always has sufficient nitrogen in it. With the aid of a dipstick, the nitrogen level can quickly be determined. If you find your tank is running low before your scheduled fill date we ask that you to contact us immediately.

For customers who have opted for an annual Liquid Nitrogen contract with WestGen, in the event that your tank fails or inadvertently goes dry, be aware that the contract comes with the assurance that we will replace up to $2,000 of Semex semen products. It is important to add however, that a WestGen liquid nitrogen contract does not offer replacement for products we did not sell including embryos. Determining the market value of embryos, especially ones that have been produced several years ago, is difficult and of course we recognize they cannot be easily replaced. That’s why insuring them under your farm insurance policy is the best precaution to take.

Again, we would like to thank you for choosing to partner with WestGen and look forward to adding value to your business through a strong genetic plan, including the essential and timely delivery of liquid nitrogen.

If you have any questions about your Liquid Nitrogen services, please contact our head office at 1.800.563.5603 or email Paul Meyer