Already widely proven and accepted as a heat detection and reproduction improvement tool, what else does SCR’s Heatime Pro system have to offer?
With rumination monitoring you can set yourself up for the future. Monitoring rumination will give you an advantage over others, and make you a more efficient milk producer.

  • Fine tune feeding programs. Monitor responses to feed changes before you see a drop or increase in the bulk tank.

  • Make your cow’s time in the barn more efficient. Track how time in the holding pen, or time spent in lockers affects your cows productivity. Real time rumination, eating and activity information give excellent indications to maximize your cows barn time.

  • Find sick cows faster. Studies from Cornell University show that Heatime by SCR was up to 93% as effective, and up to 2 days faster at diagnosing illness than an intense every day fresh cow vet check including temperature, keto testing and palpation.

  • Track cow’s responses to medication. Watch a sick cow’s recovery on her health graphs, or make changes to medications for cows not responding. Get cows healthy again, faster. Saving one or two liters of peak milk has massive payback implications over a complete lactation.

  • Reduce OvSynch costs. OvSynch programs are costly. Putting cows on a program when they do not need it, the time cows spend locked up on shot days, and the lower conception rates between natural heats and OvSynch heats all add up to cost you money.

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