The 2014 WestGen 4-H Fundraiser was a dairy genetic raffle organized by WestGen with 5 prizes valued at $10,000 in total. Western Canadian dairy 4-H clubs sold tickets for a $10 donation directly to their club, and the support from fellow farmers, family and friends was substantial, with numerous clubs earning over $1000 from their efforts. The prize draw was held on August 23, 2014 at WCC, where there were 4-H members from across the region present. Norm McNaughton, the President of the Semex Alliance Board of Directors was in attendance at the show and had the honour of drawing the 5 ballots.

Grand Prize
Wedgwood Windbrook Ravine
Tim Hummel, Marylander Holsteins, Picture Butte, AB

2nd Prize
2 Female Embryos by Doorman x Hammingview Fever Montie VG-88-2YR-CAN
Wayne DeJong, Dockum Holsteins, Abbotsford, BC

3rd Prize
3 Embryos by Delaware x Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara EX-92-CAN
Ike Bredenhof, Bredale Dairy Ltd., Chilliwack, BC

4th Prize
10 Units of Mr Lookout P ENFORCER
Linsey Whalen, Wendon Holsteins, Millet, AB

5th Prize
10 Units of Sildahl JETT AIR
Valerie Holbech, Canwest DHI, Chilliwack, BC

Pictured here are Matt & Mike Hummel accepting Grand Prize Wedgwood Windbrook Ravine for their dad along with Katie McCormack & Paul Meyer of WestGen, Norm McNaughton, Semex Board President & Chris Parry, WestGen CEO.

Thanks to all ticket purchasers that supported this promotion and their local 4-H members, the leaders of the dairy industry of tomorrow!