The genetics business has changed. Aggressive strategies involving genomic selection from deep pedigrees is quickly becoming the norm. The price to play is high; the investment needed to generate returns even higher while strategies to spread risk require yet more finances. For most, the regrettable but understandable decision has been to sit on the sidelines.

WestGen, Western Canada’s Genetic Centre – your company – can respond to a changing genetics industry by recognizing its responsibility to members’ needs goes beyond providing sire choices and consultative services. We can organize a genetic program – the Genebank Program – for members to help mitigate cost and to help manage risk. And in the conceptual stage, testing the interest level for such a program with western Canadian producers has elicited an overwhelmingly positive response. 

What is the GeneBank Program?
It is an initiative for members to join with other members to harvest embryos from an elite group of females at an affordable price:

• Up to 40 members contribute $1500 each
• WestGen buys 4 or 5 heifers – minimum 3200 LPI and +10 Conformation
• Heifers enrolled in IVF program at Boviteq West
• Embryo harvest from heifers assigned to program participants at $500 each
• Each participant receives 2 frozen and 2 fresh embryos
• Fresh embryos implanted in Boviteq West recipients
• One pregnancy guaranteed from fresh embryos
• One pregnancy guaranteed on frozen if implanted in Boviteq West recipients
• Size and scale of program allow significant benefits from cost-saving efficiencies for all

The GeneBank program’s objectives are:

1. Facilitate access to elite genetics for more WestGen members
2. Promote usage of progressive genetic improvement strategies
3. Use progressive IVF technology to increase embryo harvest per animal
4. Mitigate risk and reduce cost for members
5. Create excitement and increase presence of high ranking females in Western Canada

How can you become part of GeneBank?

Ask your WestGen Genetic Advisor about how to enroll. Submitting your signed form and a $1500 commitment will reserve your GeneBank seat and your share of the embryos from the first female group. If the program is fully prescribed, a waiting list will be established for the next group of females to enter the program. There is a great deal of excitement about the program. Sign up today and be part of it!


The GeneBank goal is simply to make participation in the creation and ownership of top genetic females more affordable to Western Canadian producers. It fits extremely well within WestGen’s societal mandate.

The original concept for GeneBank was that all participants would share in the harvest of both frozen and fresh embryos. That option still exists, however we have had a number of producers express interest in either having us implant all the embryos for them at Boviteq West, while some others are only interested if they can avoid the need to purchase pregnant recipients. Thus the program is evolving into three options for producers:

Receive: 4 Frozen embryos shipped for implantation on farm

COST: $4500

Receive: 2 Frozen embryos shipped for implantation on farm plus
1 guaranteed pregnancy generated from embryos implanted at
Boviteq West.

COST: $3500 + purchase of 1 recipient

Receive: 2 guaranteed pregnancies generated from embryos
implanted at Boviteq West.
COST: $2500 + purchase of 2 recipients

All 3 options have the intention of creating two live calves from the investment for each participant. We will be purchasing the first heifers for the program in the coming days – call us if you are curious about the pedigrees, have other questions, or if you wish to participate in this exciting program!