Protein August 2020 Sire Proof Sheet

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Ayrshire Highlights

Graduating directly from the Genomax list to Proven sire, Des Coteaux Revolution graduates to the #2 LPI position, surpassed only by his sire Orraryd offering high component yields with Meanwhile Du Petite Bois Animate, a Rockstar son from a Reality dam makes his proven debut at #5 on the list with moderate fat and protein yields alongside very impressive overall Type and exceptional Milking Temperament. Only one addition to the Genomax list this time brings our first Adidas son for consideration.

Visserdale Selena 3

EX-2E 91 (7-8)

Visserdale SUTTERAdidas x Orraryd


Expect nice component improvement from cows displaying strong mammary scores and walking on excellent Feet & Legs. His daughters are projected to be moderate in stature with excellent width throughout.

Brown Swiss

From the North American side there is little news to report except that Shady Lane Swiss Apex, the highly anticipated and regarded new release bull has seen challenges to supply. While he is currently unavailable, we have left him on the proof sheet in the expectation that these challenges are temporary and that semen will become available again in the coming months. Meanwhile many additional options from Swiss Genetics will help support the North American sires.