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Holstein Sire Summary

Summer Proofs will Heat things up for Fall!

The August proof update solidified the hold Comestar LAUTRUST maintains as our Canadian-bred LPI leader. Although now #2 for LPI, he gained over thirty points in the process thanks to improved scores for HerdLife and Mastitis Resistance. He also gained the coveted Repromax designation – all while breeders sing the praises of very smart calves in heifer pens across the country. Stantons HIGH OCTANE grabs attention with a 200 LPI-point jump thanks to higher Type, significant gains for Production traits plus a three-point jump on Daughter Fertility. Claynook TONKA joined the proven list in April with a MACE production proof. He now is fully proven and deserves notice for very pleasing Type as one would expect from the eye-catching pedigree stack of Doorman x Windbrook x Goldwyn. With all that said most notable perhaps, is his 101 Milking Speed rating! Another highly anticipated Doorman son, KH CINDERDOOR makes his proven debut as well. You have seen them in the heifer pens, you have seen them in the show ring. Now Classifiers like what they see as well with the bull sporting a +13 Conformation score in his debut. Look to Cinderdoor to add some strength while maintaining the angularity and femininity that we all desire.  Cinderdoor is an A2 offering from 12 generations of VG or EX dams going back to Hanoverhill Tony Rae and eventually through three more EX dams to the Queen of the breed herself – Roxy. He is a nice alternative when looking for a pedigree with no Mogul, no McCutchen and no Supersire blood. In a world dominated by genomics Proven sires offer peace-of-mind breeding choices!

With all respect to the impressive Proven lineup, the Genomax category does offer some tantalizing  new LPI and Balanced Breeding options thanks to the arrival of the early Fortune and Superhero sons. There is something for everyone here plus the new #1 Pro$ bull, a Duke son named Milktime, who will blow the doors off on production improvement if you let him. Here are few of the highlights:

New Genomax Bulls for August 2018

Progenesis HEMINGWAY

3561 LPI 2941 PRO$ 12 CONF


Fortune x Jedi

An early Fortune son who traces to Windsor-Manor Rud Zip Ex-95-4E USA, Hemingway is in a class of his own. His 3561 LPI is our highest offering and his TPI at 2844 is equally impressive. Double digit Type too and strong on all key health traits – plus he carries the Robot Ready™ designation. Expect very tight supplies in the early months!


Fortune x Jedi


Heisenberg is bred from the same Fortune x Jedi combination as Hemingway. In fact their dams are full sisters. And while the pair are among an elite group that exceed the 3500 LPI level, Heisenberg stands out for his extremely attractive Health trait profile – including HerdLife, Mastitis Resistance and particularly Daughter Fertility all while being Robot Ready™.

Synergy Uno Pot O Gold

Progenesis PARACHUTE

3472 LPI 2803 PRO$ 11 CONF


Superhero x Rubicon

He’s the top ranked available Superhero son for LPI and he combines it with a 2800 TPI rating as well. Parachute particularly excels on Fat yield but will win respect for his very solid Type profile too that includes good Rump ratings. Also pleasing are his Dairy Strength predictions, with wide chests combined with a moderate stature rating. There’s lots to like in this new offering.

Sandy-Valley Atwd Barbie


2807 LPI 2429 PRO$ 13 CONF


Crush x Mogul

It is predictable: Crushabull will make the fancy kind that will make their way to the show ring. At +19 Type there are few that are rated higher, but moreover, solid Milk and Fat improvement make Crushabull a solid choice for more than just show-winning objectives. If you want a barn full of high scoring cows to be proud of, this is your bull.

Cherry Crest Manoman Roz

Siemers DARWIN

3426 LPI 2809 PRO$ 12 CONF


Superhero x Silver

Tracing back to Whittier-Farms Outside Roz, Darwin brings high Fat and solid Type that is Robot Ready™.
You’ll be impressed with his wide sloping rump pattern too. High LPI and TPI numbers make him stand out regardless of selection approach. Nice health trait numbers too – Darwin is an easy bull to like and use.

Ste Odile Supershot Electra


3387 LPI 3223 PRO$  6 CONF


Duke x Supershot

Most appropriately named, Milktime brings the motherlode on Milk and is the breed’s number 1 Pro$ bull. With the sire stack of Duke, Supershot, Munition, Snowman and Baxter
it’s not a surprise! Moderate sized, but wide-chested, the Milktime daughters are predicted to also excel on Rump structure. With nice health numbers and being an A2 bull, Milktime needs to be considered by all profit-minded producers.

Ladys-Manor S Dahlia

Progenesis DROPKICK

11M LPI 1771 PRO$ 10M CONF


Superhero x Kingboy

Hailing from Ladys-Manor breeding, Dropkick is a bull we predict that will get noticed quickly. A nice LPI rating and no glaring holes, Dropkick excels on Type improvement while not giving up much on Production and Health. He is the epitome of balanced. This is a bull all producers need to use.

EDG Dahlia Mogul 2257

Progenesis DRYDEN

3340 LPI 2575 PRO$ 14 CONF


Superhero x Kingboy

Dryden is the full brother to Dropkick, offering slightly more milk and higher health trait numbers for HerdLife, Mastitis Resistance and Milking Speed. Look to Dryden and Dropkick to provide very solid Conformation improvement and balanced breeding results.

Claynook Fabby Silver


3295 LPI 2785 PRO$ 8 CONF


Duke x Silver

Fairview hails from 11 generations of VG or EX dams and boasts exceptional production improvement with 2455 kgs of milk with 96 kgs of fat.  Expect desirable teat placement and rump angle improvement in a Robot Ready package built on cow family credentials. Fairview, an A2 bull, will produce very profitable daughters.

Sandy-Valley CHAMONIX

3198 LPI 2535 PRO$ 11 CONF


Eugenio x Silver

Chamonix is an A2A2 bull with offering over 1700 kgs of milk in a high fat strong health trait package. Expect ideal teat placement from this Robot Ready bull who traces to the Cosmopolitan cow family and wide, slightly sloping, rumps. With double digit Type and Mammary improvement while adding a touch of length to the teats, Chamonix is a bull for every breeding program.