The Semex Alliance is proud to be the number one source for Canadian embryos worldwide, providing an extensive listing of embryos available at all times from producers across Canada.

Canadian Breeder

If you are a Canadian breeder looking to market embryos from your herd you’ve come to the right place. The Semex Alliance maintains an extensive listing of embryos available from Canadian breeders and regularly sends it out to our large, worldwide distribution network.

Whether you have embryos already available from previous flushes or you have upcoming flushes, let us know what you have available.

Semex has clients constantly searching for all types embryos including high type, bull mothers, deep pedigrees and show ring winners.

If you are looking for more information regarding embryo qualifications for a specific country please visit the CFIA web site and click on the link for your country of interest. It is of note that these certificates can change at any time without warning and Semex is in no way responsible for their content. If you have any questions about qualifying embryos please contact your E.T. veterinarian or the Semex Alliance.

International Buyer
Looking to purchase Canadian genetics? With thousands of embryos in our listing, we most certainly have something for you. If by chance you don’t find what you’re looking for on our listing, we’ll be more than happy to source embryos for you.

Our embryo listing is updated daily and includes genetics from deep pedigreed cows, bull mothers, superior production cows, show ring winners and well-balanced, solid Canadian cow families. Semex has the embryos to suit your needs and if we don’t, we’ll find them for you!

Genomically Tested Female Embryos
A New Profit Driver For Your Herd!

Semex® Product Development efforts focus on the creation of future bulls and bull mothers via IVF and early release semen. By genomically testing embryos to determine sex and TPI/LPI level, only the genetic outliers are kept and implanted in Semex recipients while the majority become available for purchase by Canadian dairy producers.

Incorporating Genomically Tested Female Embryos into your genetic plan is a sound strategy to help drive increased profits from your herd in the first generation and every generation that comes after.

Program Offer:

  • Genomically tested, female IVF embryos are assembled in packages of 6 to increase odds of consistent pregnancy results.
  • Embryos packages are genetically superior exceeding averages of 3300 LPI and 2600 Pro$
  • Calves produced will be sisters to some of the future Semex bulls and bull mothers
  • Embryos packages priced competitively. Ask us for pricing!
  • Insurance provided when minimum 2 pregnancy result not achieved:
    o If zero 60-day pregnancies result, 4 additional  embryos to be issued free of charge
    o If only one 60-day pregnancy results, 2 additional embryos to be issued free of charge
  • Expected results: 50 – 55% pregnancies at 30 days and approximately 45% at 60 days

Contact your WestGen Genetic Advisor and ask how you can unleash the power of a genetic strategy with embryos for your herd’s profit plan.