The Pursuit of Excellence

If you feel that AI reps that visit your farm are talking about high LPI, high TPI or high NM$ bulls that will leave the ultimate in high performance daughters but whose Type numbers leave something to be desired, we offer you a new brand, a Type first brand, that answers your demand for cows that classifiers will like and who reflect and remain true to the “Canadian kind”. If that is in keeping with your thoughts on breeding we think Pursuit of Excellence is for you.

The Pursuit of Excellence brand will be quite broad. It will include sires with milking daughters and it will introduce to you the very latest bulls with extreme Type ratings. It will include bulls that can sire the fancy kind for making show calves and future champions as well as the stay at home kind that can improve upon even the deepest pedigrees while paying their way too lactation after lactation. It will include Red bulls and it will preferentially feature bulls with full pedigrees – with all dams scored.

If milking good cows is your passion and a key element in the motivations that drive you to be more than a dairy farmer, but a breeder too, the Pursuit of Excellence lineup will fit hand in glove to partner with that goal. We understand the pride that comes from a great classification round, another star achieved by your favourite brood cow, and maybe even one step closer to a coveted shield. Having high standards is a good thing and that’s why we are proud to introduce the Pursuit of Excellence line.

We also invite you to enter the Pursuit of Excellence, Virtual BARN COW COMPETITION. Information and link to enter is attached.

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