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A Canadian Mating Program for Cows with Canadian Numbers

The WestGen G-Mate program was designed by Semex geneticists in collaboration with Canadian Dairy Network and breed improvement specialists. It is provided free of charge to WestGen customers, and allows the use of any proven or Genomax bull available in Canada.

G-Mate provides 3 bull options for each animal, which limit inbreeding while balancing production, type, and health improvement, to yield the most profitable matings. It can incorporate official classification data or complete linear evaluations performed by trained WestGen staff. Other G-Mate features include:

  • Ultimate inbreeding protection
    G-Mate is the only mating program available which uses exact inbreeding values for registered animals. The unique inbreeding matrix was designed by CDN geneticists to use all available pedigree data, which provides incredibly more accurate inbreeding control than any other mating service on the market.

  • Completely Customizable
    A WestGen Rep can customize your profile to meet your breeding goals for 6 production traits, 24 conformation traits, and 8 health and fertility indicators.

  • Easy to read, on farm herd reports
    The printed reports are very easy to read and provide a quick summary of your breeding program. Electronic reports are available to be loaded into your Dairy Comp 305, Dairy Plan, or VAMPP dairy software.