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Protein Breed Sire Summary

December 2017

Jersey News:


Guimo Vivaldi Lysanne VG-85-2YR

200JE07756 GOLDEN GDK VIVALDI (DJ Lix X Q Impuls X Paramount)

Born in Denmark, Golden GDK Vivaldi makes his great debut as a newly proven sire by handily taking the #1 ranking for both LPI and Pro$. His extreme fat deviation improvement is extraordinary and results in extreme Fat kgs too (+1.07% and 95kg). He is a breath of fresh air for Jersey breeders and a bonus is certainly that both Udders and F&L on milking daughters is actually quite good.

200JE00241 AHLEM GENOMINATOR (Marvel X Legal X Action)


Ahlem Legal Vette 37469

Genominator makes his way back to the Marketing list, now on the Proven side of the ledger with a solid and balanced Production and Type proof based on over 200 milking daughters. Udders are particularly pleasing.


Fermar Paramount Joy EX-95-8YR-USA

200JE01128 GUIMO JUDO (DP Nxlevel X Premier X Paramount)

An exciting new Genomax bull Guimo Judo joins the list with limited availability in the early going. An interesting pedigree backed by a Paramount Grandam that is universally known in Jersey circles. This is a must-use bull that offers a pleasing balance of Type with Productiveness.

Ayrshire News:


Duo Star Athena
Ferme Ruisseay Clair Inc., QC
Dam of Athenos, Artist, Adidas & Revolver

200AY01054 RUISSEAU CLAIR ATHENOS-ET (Valpas X Oblique X Calimero)

200AY01051 RUISSEAU CLAIR ARTIST-ET (Valpas X Oblique X Calimero)

Athenos and Artist are at the top of the GPA LPI list for bulls that have semen available. These two full brothers are from the Amour family. Their dam, Duo Star Athena EX-92, is one of the top GLPI daughters of 200AY00329 Jelyca Oblique in Canada. Their sire, SAMMATIN VALPAS, is a production and fertility leader. Artist and Athenos are the top Valpas sons worldwide for Conformation and both excel for production and fertility traits. These two full brothers are from one of the most respected families of the breed and are backed by 6 direct dams scored VG or EX.

200AY00784 KAMOURASKA BIGSTAR (Situation X Jupiter X Peterslund)


Kamourska Bigstar

Bigstar is causing quite a stir in the Ayrshire breed. While he did not receive an official proof in December what can be reported is that he has 13 daughters scored as of mid-November 2017 and is running at 100% GP and better. Breeders are reporting calving in great Bigstar daughters that are well balanced cows with super udders. Expect Bigstar to be proven in April 2018. Bigstar was a popular sire of sons at Semex and these are the Bigtime is currently on our proof sheet.


New Haplotype discovered in the Ayrshire Breed

Recent studies have shown that there is a new haplotype in the Ayrshire breed and the findings have been made public with the December proof round. This Haplotype (AH2) has effect on fertility and is present in about 20% of the Ayrshire population. Early information shows that Woodland View Pardner, Des Chamois Poker and Duo Star Normandin are carriers of AH2. In the same study it has been discovered that AH1 has less effect on fertility and is more connected to still birth. For selection process, Semex will work with breeders to reduce and control the effect of AH1 & AH2 in the Ayrshire population. For Ayrshire clients, using the mating program Optimate™ will help to control Haplotypes at the farm level.