Protein Breed Sire Summary

August 2017

Protein Breed Highlights


We have added a new high indexing, MACE proven sire to our lineup!  Golden GDK Vivaldi (a Danish sire) has 582 milking daughters in his MACE production proof.  His +108 kgs Fat, and 1.47% Fat deviation indicate his daughters are giant fat producers.  Already introduced, but seeing their first appearances on the proof sheet are River Valley Charley Change Up and River Valley Joyride; both exciting, balanced breeding bulls from the world renowned River Valley breeding establishment.  St-Lo Nuance, a Balin son also makes his proof sheet debut as a Type specialist, predicting excellent udder conformation (+15 Mammary System).


Our genomic Ayrshire lineup saw some new stars emerge!  Des Coteaux Amazing, an Immunity+ sire with a sky high LPI of 3131 promises to transmit strong production, and functional type to his offspring.  3 new Robot Ready sires also earned their way to the proof sheet.  Kamouraska Rebellion (3068 LPI, +7 Conf), Marbrae Bigtime (2938 LPI, +11 Conf) with a number of high scoring daughters suggesting a likely graduation to the Proven list in December, and Ruisseau Clair Tuxedo (2889 LPI, +13 Type). All three have the udder conformation you desire, regardless of your milking system.

Brown Swiss

Two new genomic sires have been added to the sheet this round.  Mir Absolute offers a different pedigree than most, and predicts long living, high indexing daughters with his LPI of 2058 and 112 Herd Life.  Gubelman Diplomat is our other addition, showing a nice balance of type, production and health traits. Many additional selections from the Swiss Genetics Brown Swiss program can be considered – talk to your WestGen Genetic Advisor to get your order included with our import in late August.