Protein Breed Sire Summary

April 2017

River Valley Jerseys

Semex’s partnership with world renowned Jersey Breeders “River Valley Farms” has brought new life to our Jersey lineup. Branded by the 200HO10000 series
stud code, our members now have access to a variety of new world class Jersey options.

WestGen is proud to offer access to some of the breed’s most in-demand young sires from River Valley Farms Jerseys including River Valley Circus CRAZE, River Valley JOYRIDE and River Valley Venus V I P. River Valley Farm’s maternal lines include 160 of the breed’s top JPI females. Contact your WestGen Genetic Advisor to order your River Valley sires today.

today to order your River Valley Sires today.

River Valley Cirus CRAZE

The #1 JUI and Type among young sires over 500 lbs Milk and 150 JPI.

River Valley JOYRIDE

Ranked #6 LPI. Joins Viral as only bulls in Top 50 with double digit Type, Udders and F&L.

River Valley Venus V I P

Rare Colton son. Highest ranked LPI sire with 12% or lower R-Value with double digit Type and Udders.