Holstein Sire Summary

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Holstein Sire Summary

New Proven Sires for December 2017.

Gregori One DIRECTIONGregoriOneDirection13

3186 LPI 2441 PRO$ 11 CONF


Epic X Garrett

One Direction comes to us from a strong maternal line going back to the Gypsy Grand family. With no McCutchen or Mogul in his pedigree he should mate well in most herds. An extreme Rump improver (+13 Rump) with a balanced type breakdown, his daughters are hard workers as evidenced by his +1957 Kgs Milk rating.

Comestar LINEMANComestarLineman0817

3177LPI 2266 PRO$ 11 CONF


Mogul X Man O Man

Making his long awaited entrance to the proven side of our sheet, Lineman identifies himself as a terrific udder improver. Daughters have soft, well-attached udders with perfect teat placement for todays automated milking systems. Lineman will breed cows more moderate in stature, to fit modern breeding ideals. A calving ease bull with excellent component production, use him in your heifer pens confidently.

Richmond-FD EL BOMBERORichmond-FD_El_Bombero1216

3058 LPI 2220 PRO$ 10 CONF


Numero Uno X Superstition

Bombero was bred from 3 generations of Excellent dams, and his latest proof numbers reveal him to be a sire with a great balance of modern conformation and excellent production. Breeding greater width of chest (+9) and wide, well sloped rumps he will mate complimentary to McCutchen and Mogul bloodlines nicely. A high fertility sire, with great Fat production (+80 KGS, +.16%) and Daughter Fertility (104) will add value to your herd.

Silverridge V EXTREMESilverridgeVExtreme14

3021 LPI 2088 PRO$ 11 CONF


Supersire X Snowman

Another double digit Rump improver to add to your breeding program. +1995 KGS Milk in a Robot Ready and Calving Ease package add to the appeal. Going back to Crockett-Acres Elita, this is a cow family that performs each generation, known for transmitting production from well made animals.


2975 LPI 1796 PRO$ 16 TYPE


Numero Uno X Atwood

Duty-Free earns his place on our sheet as a type specialist. +16 for Conformation overall sets him apart from other newly proven sires this round. From 9 Generations of Excellent dams, through Scientific Debutante Rae back to Hanoverhill breeding; Duty-Free has a royalty filled pedigree. Protect for calving ease and body depth, but expect spectacular type!

Genomax logo

New Genomax Bulls for December 2017


Progenesis PADAWAN

Jedi X Enforcer


Over 3000 PRO$!!! Padawan’s GPA’s spell profitability with his high milk production, extreme health traits and balanced type. 112 for Herd Life and an amazing 115 for Daughter Fertility make this McCutchen free A2A2 sire a special one.

Westcoast ARDOR


Westcoast Ardor

Draftpick X MVP


A timely addition to our Genomax list, Ardor’s strength is his Fat production. At +100 KGS Fat and +.57% Deviation for fat his offspring will help fill your quota. Immunity +, RobotReady and A2A2 all add significant additional value to this well-rounded sire.

Stantons USEFUL

Yoder X Camaro


Another major fat improver! +122 KGS Fat, a huge +.82% Deviation for Fat combined with +10 for Type, 108 Daughter Fertility and 104 Calving Ability make him very easy to use across the herd to improve profitability.

Claynook RUMMY

Abbott X Wickham


An early high type, Immunity+ Abbott son, Rummy impresses with his +16 Mammary System, and +14 Feet & Leg scores. 106 Calving Ability makes him a great option for your heifer too!

Melarry FUELMelarryFuel0117-1

Duke X Kingboy


A unique combination of elite production, and an exceptional type breakdown make Fuel a very exciting young bull. +2330 KGS Milk, +113 KGS Fat with a +0.26% Fat Deviation while adding width of chest and lowering pin setting, Fuel does it all.

Legend-Maker VICTOR


Vision-Gen SH Sho A12037


Kingpin X Liquid Gold

From a strong female line going back to Chief Adeen, Victor delivers on his family’s high type reputation. Pleasing Fat production from well made udders, with longer teats (4L) make this Mogul-Free bloodline one to use. A rump improver by lowering Pin Setting, and correcting Thurl Placement will cross well on todays high type animals.



Mapelwood CGain Lotto P


Sifter P X Capital Gain

The current highest available Homozygous Polled genomic bull, Never Again is making a splash. Out of a VG-86 2YR Capital Gain dam, his offspring should offer superior dairyness  compared to other Homozygous Polled bloodlines. +1160 KGS Milk and 108 Daughter Fertility help him to his 3158 LPI score.

Our-Favorite VC MAFIAOur-Favorite_VC_Mafia0417-1


Solomon X Atwood

From 5 generations of Excellent dams, Mafia is bred for Type. An early Solomon son who excels for all major type traits, expect fancy black calves from this one!