Holstein Sire Summary

New Proven Sires for April 2017.

200HO03910 – Comestar LAUTRUST

(Sudan x Man O Man) Lautrust hits the proof sheets for the first time and boy did he hit the proofs sheets coming in at #1 LPI, providing a different sire stack (Sudan x Man O Man) out of the well-known Comestar Laurie Sheik family.  This bull is a maternal brother to the Comestar Lamadona Doorman cow that has graced the show ring.  If that’s not enough let’s look at the bull himself; he hits the proof sheet with an impressive GLPI of 3330 and a pro$ of 2414 putting him in the #3 spot for PRO$.  He comes with +1673 kgs milk, +86 kgs fat with a .20% deviation and +76 kgs protein and a .17% deviation. Lautrust is not just a production bull, he is +14 for type, +13 mammary with a 1w for rear teat placement +10 median suspensory, +14 feet and legs, +7 dairy strength and a +11 on rump with a 6L for rump angle.  This bull carries the robot ready brand.  This is a bull for everyone as he ticks so many boxes in all the important categories.

200HO10362 – Stantons CAPITAL GAIN

(Mccutchen x Observer)  Capital Gain re-enters the proof sheet on the top side with a daughter proof.  The wait was worth it as he did not disappoint coming to you as a proven sire with +2632 kgs of milk +81kgs fat and +68 kgs of protein and a GLPI of 3093.  This bull will keep the milk coming with a persistency of 113.  He completes the package with a +12 for type and a +13 for mammary, +15 for udder texture and a +17 for rear attachment width. This bull today is running 92% good plus or better on 48 daughters.

200HO03914 – Gen-i-beq AIKOSNOW RDC

(Snowman x Baxter)  Aikosnow makes his debut as a newly proven bull.  He comes from the family that produced the “Apples” with +2305 kgs of milk and an astounding +118kgs of fat giving him a .29% deviation along with +89 kgs of protein and a .11% deviation.  Aikosnow scores a GLPI of 3066 and a PRO$ of 2404.  Look to this bull to transmit correct rear teat placement with a 1W for rear teat placement.  He will lower rumps with a 2L for rump angle and he is a calving ease bull rated 106 for calving ability.  All this tied together in an attractive Red Carrier package.

200HO03913 – Lesperron UNIX

(Uno x Domain)  Unix comes back to the proven side of the sheet as the #1 type bull at +17 for type with a +17 for mammary, +16 for udder texture excelling in every trait for mammary system. Unix will improve all areas showing +10 for feet and legs, +6 dairy strength and a +7 for rump with a 1 L for rump angle.  This bull is just not a type specialist as he is 104 daughter fertility, 105 milking speed, 107 herd life and is a calving ease bull at 106 calving ability.  But that’s not all!  This bull has will make daughters that can work transmitting +1232 kgs milk.

200HO06573 – Summerliz LIVING

(Epic x Man O Man)  Living is coming to us with a GLPI of 3042, +1852 kgs of milk, +64 kgs of protein, +14 for type with a +12 mammary.  Living will improve teat placement with his 4w rear teat placement score.  He is +17 on dairy strength with a +13 on chest width and a +9 on rump with a 2L for rump angle and a +8 for pin width.  Look to living to speed up those milkings with a 115 for milking speed.  Hurry up and get your Living semen while you can because semen is limited and there will be no more coming.

200HO03873 – Velthuis SGC ATMOST

(Atwood x Snowman)  Some of you may remember Atmost from the young sire program where he came out as a popular bull and looks like he is planning on keeping up that trend.  Atmost comes from the Broeks Betty cow that has been a very popular cow family in Europe and is leaving its mark on the North American market as well.  Atmost comes to us tied for the #2 spot for conformation with +16 for type, +14 for mammary including a +13 for rear attachment width.  He is a +17 for feet and legs with a +13 for heel depth and a +17 for rear legs rear view.  Atmost will make animals angular without adding additional size. This bull comes to us with +2019 kgs of milk with a 106 for milking temperament, 103 for milking speed and a 104 for calving ability.

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New GenoMax Bulls for April 2017

200HO10850 – SANDY-VALLEY ANAKIN3498 GLPI $2851 PRO$

(Jedi x Pure)  From the Planet Sapphire family comes the highest GPA LPI Jedi son released in Canada!  2362 kgs of milk with +183 combined kgs fat and protein, along with modern, functional +12 type.  Anakin sires good udders, strong foot structure, flat rumps and wide chests.  His incredible health trait numbers tie everything together in an extremely exciting robot ready package.

 200HO10775 – CLAYNOOK C-SUITE 3478 GLPI $2847 PRO$

(Spring x Bombero) C-Suite traces back to the world renowned Regancrest Chassity cow family. Over 1400kgs of milk along with +103 kgs fat with +.47 deviations and +14 for mammary system, C-Suite daughters will be money makers. An overall well balanced type proof, great health and fertility traits with the Immunity+ distinction makes C-Suite an attractive choice.

 200HO10693 –    SIEMERS BLOOMFIELD3424 GLPI $2680 PRO$

(Delta x Uno) An extreme fat transmitter (+128 kgs fat) from the Shottle Bombi family arrives.  Bloomfield daughters will fill quota from good udders (+12 mammary) and promise to breed back easily with his score of 112 daughter fertility.  An exciting combination of production and fertility!

200HO10619 – SILVERRIDGE V IMAX3414 GLPI $2896 PRO$

(Spring x Mogul)  The long awaited Spring son Imax is here and he will not fail to deliver exceptional results.  Low stature, chest width and 1L for rump angle give provide an opportunity to create modern type cows.  $2896 for PRO$ comes from a combined +189 kgs fat and protein.  Imax is a great image of modern breeding for any setting with +13 mammary and 110 for Herd Life to go with his Robot Ready status.

200HO10857 – STANTONS GALORE 3392 GLPI $2777 PRO$

(Silver x Camaro) Galore hails from the world famous Larcrest Cosmopolitan cow family. He brings exceptional components to the table with +107 kgs fat and +75 kgs protein! A double digit score of +13 for feet and legs, along with his ideal rear teat placement and teat length, and a bonys +107 milking speed make Galore an excellent option for robotic environments.

 200HO10755 – WESTCOAST GALAHAD – 3377 GLPI $2692 PRO$

(Penmanship x Jacey) From the impressive IHG Jacey Grace comes a health trait expert with double digit type numbers. +12 overall for conformation while correcting rump angle (2L) pin width (+8) and thurl placement (3A) gives breeders an option to improve their herds.  112 herd life and 109 for daughter fertility ensures Galahad daughters are made to last.


(Jedi x Tango) Tremendous will provide you all kinds of production, over 2500kgs of milk, and a combined +176 kgs fat and protein, Tremendous daughters will have the will to work. At or above average on all health traits including an impressive 107 daughter fertility, and a very balanced type proof makes Tremendous the logical choice to breed cows for any environment.

 200HO10807 – STANTONS NORFOLK3352 GLPI $2679 PRO$

(Spring x Balisto)  Norfolk combines strong production of A2A2 milk (+156 kgs fat and protein) with great health traits.  He promises to lower stature (-1) and increase chest width (+6).  Herd Life of 110 and Mastitis Resistance of 112 will produce healthy, easy to manage cows.

200H0751 – WESTCOAST HERALDO1 3350 GLPI $2610 PRO$

(Bayonet x Racer)  Herald comes with a unique sire stack that will make him easy to mate in your herds. This new and exciting outcross sire delivers the goods, with a +93 kgs fat and +77 kgs protein. A health and fertility trait specialist with +12 mammary system, makes for a very interesting balanced breeding option.

200HO10856 – STANTONS ATEAM3294 GLPI $2397 PRO$

(Silver x Anton) A rare combination of extreme type and huge fat production; Ateam comes to you at +16 conformation and +100kgs fat!  +13 fore attachment and +13 Rear legs rear view will make cows that last in your barns.