Holstein Sire Summary

New Proven Sires for August 2017.

200HO10363 – Stantons HIGH OCTANE

2884 LPI – 1876 PRO$ – 15 CONF
High Octane makes his return to the proof sheet after receiving his first official progeny proven results. A full brother to Capital Gain, expect similarly impressive production from High Octane daughters. This Immunity + bull will transmit well attached, soft udders set under correct, wide rumps. A Lactation Persistency score of 112 indicates his daughters will possess great will to milk.

200HO10075 – Silverridge V Wickham

2840 LPI – 1784 PRO$ – 11 CONF
Another popular GenoMax bull gains his first progeny proof. Wickham will sire daughters that excel for milk production. Width of muzzle and chest have become hallmark characteristics of Wickham daughters. Use him confidently in your heifer pens with a highly proven 105 Calving Ability.

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New GenoMax Bulls for August 2017

200HO10816 – Progenesis MIDNIGHT

3506 LPI – 2947 PRO$ – 13 CONF
Making a dazzling debut to the Genomax lineup, Midnight offers a “no holes” proof that will add value to every genetic plan. Extreme production with a combined +195 kgs Fat and Protein promises profitable daughters. Midnight possesses modern, Robot Ready type being +11 for Mammary System, adding Chest Width and Lowering Rump Angle.

200HO10915 – Westcoast YAMASKA

3450 LPI – 2870 PRO$ – 9 CONF
An early Afterburner son, Yamaska provides another excellent Robot Ready sire for your herds. At +119 kgs Fat and +0.61 Fat % Deviation his daughters will fill quota. A modern type pattern with +10 Feet and Legs, smaller stature and wider chests; Yamaska will also both lower Rump Angle and widen Pin Width. Great health traits make Yamaska an example of balanced breeding.

200HO10782 –  Progenesis CAMERON

LPI – 3404 – 2871 PRO$ – 9 CONF
A Penmanship son with extreme milk production and equally as impressive health traits, Cameron’s proof contains +2107 kgs milk, with combined +189 kgs Fat and Protein. Correct Feet and Legs (+9) and exceptional health traits including +110 Herd Life and +108 Daughter Fertility will keep his daughters in your herds for a long time.

200HO10757 – Westcoast LIGHTHOUSE

3380 LPI – 2610 PRO$ – 13 CONF
A Spring son, Lighthouse offers something for everyone. Lighthouse adds +1325 kgs milk, out of great, shallow Mammary Systems (+13) and good Feet and Legs (+11). He will correct rump structure by lowering Rump Angle (4L), widening Pin Width (+9) and correctly placing Thurls (3A). Also a Herd Life (112) expert, his 110 Daughter Fertility will ensure productive lifetimes for his daughters.

200HO10830 – Westcoast RIGEL

3335 LPI – 2554 PRO$ – +14 CONF
An Afterburner from a Camaro, Rigel offers a different pedigree. Combining +1075 kgs milk with +.48% Fat Deviation will create profitable offspring. This Robot Ready option offers +14 Conformation. Rigel excels on all Mammary System traits, combined with good Feet and Legs, Dairy Strength and Rump scores (3L, 7 Wide). No slouch in the Health Traits, Rigel combines 109 Herd Life with 108 Daughter Fertility.

200HO10875 – Siemers OVERWING

2860 LPI – 1591 PRO$ – +16 CONF
A High Octane out of a Mogul from the Apple family, Overwing is a Red Carrier option that combines Pedigree, Production and Type. Overwing will deliver picture perfect Mammary Systems with correct attachments all around. Deep Heels (+13) on Straight tracking Feet and Legs (+12 RL RV) will keep Overwing daughters mobile. A 107 score for Lactation Persistency demonstrates some of High Octane’s traits being passed down to his sons.

200HO10821 – Pregenesis DEFRAY 

2988 LPI – 1873 PRO$ – +13 CONF
A Montery from a Kingboy, Defray’s proof indicates he will be an udder expert. +13 for Conformation overall and +14 for Mammary Systems, with especially high and wide rear attachments is something to get excited about. Defray will add Milk Production (+1362 kgs) and widen Pin Widths (+10).