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  • Dr. Register Calcium Tube

    A mineral oral paste for dairy and beef cattle. Dr. Register Calcium Tube provides Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium to help ensure normal nutritional and blood levels before, during and after calving. Requires use of CALCIUM APPLICATOR to administer.

    • Two sources of calcium, calcium chloride, calcium sulfate
    • Fast acting calcium absorption and a slower absorption with calcium sulphate
    • Addition of vitamin D3 for better absorption of calcium
    • Ideal for replacing lost calcium at calving

    400g tube

  • Hoofsure Konquest Hoof Gel

    Konquest Gel contains a concentrated blend of organic acids and tea tree oil which has a potent penetration action. It has bio-adhesion properties which enables the gel to stick to the hoof. Use along with a hoof bandage. Stable in extreme temperatures.

    300g tube

  • Boivivet Hoof Bandage

    Boivivet Hoof Bandage is a complete ready to apply bandage. It is made of a water-repelling material that keeps unwanted liquids out.

  • Stalosan

    Ointment for highly efficient skin repair and scab forming for any skin wounds or irritated area. It contains soothing emollients that promote healthy skin and hair growth. Excellent treatment for udder dermatitis (udder rot), tail mange and more.

    290g tube

  • Heatwave Plus Jug

    Uddercream liniment for improving skin texture and udder health. One of the most powerful blends of essential oils on the market today, including Pepperment and Tea Tree Oil.

    2500ml jug with pump

  • Calf Resuscitator

    The ideal tool to assist newborn calves that are unable to breathe.

  • Genomic Test Kit

    Nasal swabs for use in genomic testing dairy caattle. Accepted DNA collection method for Holstein Canada.

    5 swabs/pkg

  • Udder Tech calf blankets, which do a fantastic job of keeping your 0-3 month old calves protected from the winter chill.

  • Udder Tech calf blankets, which do a fantastic job of keeping your calves protected from the winter chill.

  • A unique and effective product which safeguards the welfare of fresh cows.

    25 kg bag