Optimate™ has Arrived!

Optimate is a revolutionary new tool to help breeders maximize genetic gains, while controlling inbreeding. With the ability to take herd information from either DHI records, or straight from farm software we are able to provide more accurate breeding recommendations to both registering and non-registering herds. Optimate very neatly ties together all of our [...]

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Put Your Genetic Plan into Overdrive – Biopsied, Female, Genomically-tested Embryos!

WestGen now has value-priced, biopsied, female, genomically-tested embryos available for sale. These embryos have been DNA tested, so you know to a high degree of accuracy what you are getting before you even implant! Using your lower-ranked animals as recipients for embryos is a great way to increase the genetic gains in your herd, with the goal of creating more profitable offspring. Your [...]

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Western Canadian Classic 2017

The 33rd Western Canadian Classic took place from August 22-26th in Weyburn, Saskatchewan at the Weyburn Fairgrounds and Ramada Weyburn. WestGen is pleased to continue our support of this very unique and highly regarded youth development program. Junior Clipping: Ben Hylkema & Ethan Nienhuis, SK Dairy Science Quiz: Pauline Ferguson, BC Judging [...]

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Midnight Makes His Debut to the Genomax List

August sire summaries delivered the much anticipated Progenesis MIDNIGHT - Duke x Defender to our proof sheet after too many calls to count asking about him since early 2017. Our first Duke son, Midnight hails from Manhatttan, the prolific bull dam that already provided us with the likes of Seducer, Avatar, Palace, Wizard, Mustang, [...]

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Happy Canada Day 2017!

Canadian First At WestGen we take great pride in promoting western causes, but we are Canadian first. As we reflect on 150 years of Canada we marvel that WestGen has been there to witness nearly half of it – including nearly our entire post-WWII rise in prominence as a nation. Working together is our [...]

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Hidden Gems for Specialty Focus

It’s easy to forget that through using a host of high-ranking young Genomax bulls in our breeding programs, the net result a few years later is some pretty awesome proven sires that can become reliable options to consider for further use. What’s more, some very useful trait leaders emerge that provide excellent improvement on [...]

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