New Genomax bulls deliver more Robot Ready and Immunity+ options

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New Genomax bulls deliver more Robot Ready and Immunity+ options

The top of the Genomic LPI/Pro$ lists in Canada are as exciting as they’ve been in recent times. The Semex bulls on the list that have been made available to date carry diverse sire stacks that inspire confidence with numerous Robot Ready™ and Immunity+™ options among them. We are confident a number of them will be very popular with producers in western Canada.

Top LPI-ranked Jedi son – Sandy-Valley ANAKINJedi x Pure x Uno x Iota – This Robot Ready option is our highest LPI option at 3498 (his 2760 TPI is not too shabby either) and he ticks all the boxes for Production, Health and the kind of Type that doesn’t see him eliminated easily from any selection approach. He’s predicted to be a Calving Ease sire, Daughter Fertility Milking Temperament looks good too. It’s hard to find “no holes” sires when there are so many traits we want. Anakin has no glaring holes anywhere and is one of those must-use sires whether you milk with Robots, plan to or just appreciate high producing trouble free cows.

Top Pro$ option – Claynook C-SUITESpring x Bombero x Mogul x Man O Man x Baxter x Chassity – What traces to one of the ultimate Type families has become among our leading Pro$ options at 2847 offering 171 kg of combined fat and protein, still with double digit Type, Udders and F&L that one would expect from this family. To top it off – C-Suite is an Immunity+ bull. Expect long-living, high-yielding cows from C-Suite.

Siemers BLOOMFIELDDelta x Uno x Shottle x Champion x Storm x Gypsy Grand – Bloomfield is a rare Delta son on offer and he is out of a maternal sister to Brewmaster. With Immunity+ and Robot Ready designations in addition to excellent LPI (3424), TPI (2752) and outstanding Fat (128 kg); he combines these numbers and designations with double digit Type (12) while offering our top Herd Life rating among sires on the proof sheet (113) and our highest Daughter Fertility rating (112). What more could one ask for in a bull? He is affordable and available in sexed as well!

Silverridge IMAXSpring x Mogul x Snowman x Planet – This Robot Ready option is our best for Pro$ at 2896 and TPI (2791) and manages it with double digit Type, Udders and F&L. His Milk is predicted at over 2200 Kg and at 189 Kg F+P he is our best among the Genomax group. His genomic prediction for Calving Ease at 105 puts him among the better options among the early Spring sons. He is also predicted to lower pins and deliver fast milkers. He is destined to be very popular!

Other interesting new options:

Stantons GALORESilver x Camaro – Triple digit Fat, +13 Type, Robot Ready, Cosmopolitan family
Westcoast GALAHADPenmanship x Jacey – extreme Protein %, wide chests, Herd Life and Robot Ready
Aurora TREMENDOUSJedi x Tango – nearly 2600 Kg Milk, good Health Traits, Robot Ready
Westcoast HERALDBayonet x Racer – 170 Kg of combined F+P, Excellent Health traits and Calving Ease
Stantons NORFOLKSpring x Balisto – wider Rear Teats, our best for Mastitis Resistance and Robot Ready
Stantons ATEAMSilver x Anton – Type specialist with triple digit Fat – also Robot Ready

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