Two outstanding new Proven Sires from deep cow families offer breed leading improvement for your herd.

Comestar Lautrust makes his phenomenal debut, dominating proven sires with an extremely balanced proof. The only proven sire above 3300GLPI and 2400PRO$ at the same time; he rounds off his highly profitable production numbers with +14 Conformation. Comestar Lautrust daughters have outstanding, soft, well attached udders. With an enviable +11 rump score Lautrust lowers pins, and improves thurl placement.

An exceptional settler, he gains our Repromax badge for his desirable semen fertility. Lautrust comes from the time tested Comestar Laurie Sheik cow family. His Man-O-Man dam has already shown her transmitting ability on the female side with offspring like Comestar Lamadona Doorman VG-89 2 yr who placed 1st Jr 3 yr old at World Dairy Expo 2016. From a proven cow family, delivering profitable production with a strong type pattern, Lautrust has earned his #1 status.

Croteau Lesperron Unix dazzles with phenomenal proven type figures after getting his long awaited progeny proven numbers. Popular as a Genomax sire, Unix is sure to see his popularity grow even higher after an incredible proof round landing him as the #1 type bull in Canada at +17 conformation. Truly an udder expert, Unix leads all proven sires with +17 for Mammary System.

From the perennially strong Markwell BStar Raven family Unix comes by his type numbers in the traditional fashion, with 88% of his offspring scoring Good Plus or better while only 9% of these daughters are the result of Embryo Transfer.

He is another strong Immunity+ option to reduce your herd’s disease incidence rates along with sound functional traits including 106 Calving Ease and 105 Milking Speed. Unix daughters will contribute willingly to the bulk tank as well, as he scores +1232kgs milk. Unix packages Immunity+ with extreme Type and great production to produce long living, profitable cows.

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