Endowment Fund Past Projects

///Endowment Fund Past Projects
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New Projects Funded in Spring 2017  Value
2017 North Okanagan Holstein Club Youth Program $2,000
Delta Farm & Wildlife Trust – Day on the Farm $1,000
Jamie Sullivan – The effects of foot bath pH value on improved claw health $22,900
AgroMedia – Collection of hoof trim data in support of National Health Genetic Improvement Project $40,000 (2 years)
Jane van Asch – Breakfast on the Dairy Farm 2017 South Alberta $1,500
WestGen Education Scholarships $24,000 (3 years)
NODEAC – A day on a Dairy Farm $2,500
Creston Valley Fall Fair Association – Livestock Barn Flooring $5,000
New Projects Funded in Fall 2016  Value
Canadian Simmental Association – Youth Leadership Conference $6,000
IPE – WestGen’s Cattle 101 at the IPE $2,000
Donation to the Fraser Valley Beef & Swine Club $500
Alberta Milk – Future Leader’s Development Conference $10,000
Animal Health Centre – Epidemiology of Bovine Protozoal Abortion in the Fraser Valley Dairy Industry $10,000 (2 years)
Bonanza Sponsorship Committee – Bonanza 2017 $1,000
BC Holstein Branch – BC Showmanship Seminar & Showmanship Competition $3,300
Dairy Farmers of Manitoba – Pro-Action Module training for animal care $10,000
New Projects Funded in Spring 2016  Value
Dairy Innovation Association (EcoDairy) – A fund to provide transportation subsidies to school and community groups for field trips to Bakerview EcoDairy. $4,000
East Olds Dairy Farmers – Breakfast on the Dairy Farm. $500
Western Canadian Certified Hooftrimmers Association – DTC certificate of competence hoof trimming course $5,000
North Okanagan Dairy Extension Advisory Committee – A Day on a Dairy Farm (in conjunction with the Breakfast on the Farm). $2,000
Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust – Day at the Farm agricultural awareness event. $1,500
North Okanagan Holstein Club – North Okanagan Holstein Club Youth Program 2016 $2,500
BC Angus Association / Meghan McGillivray – Beef It Up! $1,000
New Projects Funded in Fall 2015 Value 
Dr. Gordon Atkins, University of Calgary – A study of the anatomical characteristics associated with foot conformation in dairy cows to identify
conformation traits associated with fewer foot lesions.
Daria Taylor, Alberta Milk – Future Leaders Conference 2016 $20,620
Fabienne Uehlinger, Western College of Veterinary Medicine – Empowering
dairy producers to improve calf health
Dr. Steph Rhebergen, Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic – Study of objective measures to evaluate acupuncture as a treatment for injuries in dairy cattle $10,000
BC 4-H – Annual Sponsorship $5,000
Alberta 4-H – Annual Sponsorship $5,000
Saskatchewan 4-H – Annual Sponsorship $2,500
Manitoba 4-H – Annual Sponsorship $2,500
Western Canadian Classic – 2016 Sponsorship $20,000
New Projects Funded in Spring 2015 Value 
2016 National Holstein Convention – Alberta Holstein Branch $20,000
Temperature Monitors as Predictors of Disease Episodes – UBC $13,500
Manitoba Dairy Sense Workshop – Manitoba Holstein Branch $5,000
Aqua Cow Rise System Project – Dr. Lisa McRea $5,000
WestGen Marketing Internship Training Opportunity $13,500
Next Generation Forum – Alberta Milk $3,500
BC 4-H – Annual Sponsorship $5,000
Alberta 4-H – Annual Sponsorship $5,000
Manitoba 4-H – Annual Sponsorship $2,500
Saskatchewan 4-H – Annual Sponsorship $2,500
NSERC Industrial Research Chair of Dairy Nutrition, Physiology & Management – Dr. Michael Steele, University of Alberta $25,000
New Projects Funded in 2014 Value
Manitoba Holstein Branch – Manitoba Dairy Sense Workshop $5,000
Supply Management in the BC Dairy Industry: Implication for Food Sovereignty – UBC – Dr. Hannah K Wittman $4,000
University of Calgary, Falculty Veterinary Medicine, John Kastelic $2,500
Dairy Days for Schools, University of Manitoba $5,000
WestGen Education Awards $12,000
BC Dairy Genetic Marketing Workshop – BC Holstein Branch $13,500