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Help us help western 4-H Dairy Clubs!
Each year WestGen, through its Endowment Fund, helps support our local 4-H dairy clubs and in doing so, help support the future leaders of our Western Canadian dairy industry. Driven almost entirely by the efforts of volunteers, the benefits that youth gain from 4-H are hard to replicate in any other development program. “LEARN TO DO BY DOING” is as relevant today as it was when the motto was first established.

This year, WestGen created a one of a kind Camouflage hat to show your support for 4-H. each hat is available for purchase through your local 4-H Dairy club. Get your hat for only $20 each while they last!

Funds Raised by each Province:
BC Flag Icon AB Flag Icon SK Flag Icon MB Flag Icon
British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba
$13,020 $4,200 $700 $2,200
*hats were distributed based on number of 4-H members per participating group.