New! Dr. Register Calcium Bolus

Ask your Genetic Advisor about trying the Dr. Register Calcium Bolus: Two sources of calcium, calcium chloride, calcium sulfate Fast acting calcium absorption and a slower absorption with calcium sulphate Addition of vitamin D3 for better absorption of calcium Ideal for replacing lost calcium at calving

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Warm up to Immunity+

Offer valid from Nov. 1 - Dec. 31, 2017 on eligible purchases of Immunity+ conventional or sexed semen. Earn 1 calf blanket per $750 of Immunity+ invoiced before tax. Blankets will be distributed within 6 weeks of purchase. Get an Immunity+® Calf Blanket with every $750 spent on Immunity+ semen* For a limited [...]

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Optimate™ has Arrived!

Optimate is a revolutionary new tool to help breeders maximize genetic gains, while controlling inbreeding. With the ability to take herd information from either DHI records, or straight from farm software we are able to provide more accurate breeding recommendations to both registering and non-registering herds. Optimate very neatly ties together all of our [...]

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Sexxed Ultra™

Control your herd's genetic future with more heifers. Guidelines for using sexed semen • Restrict sexed semen use to 1st or 2nd services when using on heifers and 1st service when using on lactating cows. • Fertility window for sexed semen is narrower because the sperm are believed to be closer in their timing [...]

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Mastitis – How being Proactive Pays Dividends

Mastitis - How being Proactive Pays Dividends Despite what you may have thought - all Mastitis is not equal – apart from most cases being commonly caused by one of several bacteria. Since Mastitis costs around $1050.31 per cow in Canada1 it needs to be taken seriously to stem the frustrating loss of money, time [...]

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New Applications for Heatime®

SCR has introduced several new powerful applications for its Herd Intelligence solutions. The new capabilities provide you with additional timely and actionable insight into your cows’ reproductive and health status. With the ability to make better-informed decisions about more aspects of your herd and farm management, you can further improve productivity, reduce costs, and gain [...]

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Have you signed up for Dairy Track Yet?

Have you ever wondered how your operation ranks against others on key metrics, yet have had a hard time finding a current relevant benchmark to compare it to? DairyTrack is your solution! A powerful herd performance monitoring tool that uses on farm animal data synchronized nightly from the farm management or milking parlor software to [...]

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Harness Your Heifers’ Potential for Profit with Heatime®

For over 7 years now WestGen has distributed the SCR Heatime system to western Canadian producers. Its the most popular standalone activity monitoring system due to its remarkable accuracy at detecting heats; however at times the original system, which relied on infrared technology, left something to be desired, as the ID stations and tag battery [...]

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