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Rewarding Results with Pooling – Boviteq West

Rewarding Results with Pooling “I love taking advantage of Boviteq West’s pooling technology, since it allows me to to significantly lower my risks and my costs when working with multiple donors. Some donors are inevitably stronger than others, so I don’t like to gamble entirely on one donor producing viable oocytes. Pooling multiple donors [...]

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Bulls to beat the mid-winter Blues

Bulls to beat the mid-winter Blues In some parts of western Canada, spring is still NOT just around the corner. And in the parts where it is, there is the muddy, messy days that precede spring make Prairie frost the lesser evil. To create a seasonal distraction from weather our mid-winter Genomax™ new release [...]

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Making an Impression Monument IMPRESSION There’s truth to the statement that you get just once chance to make a first impression. It’s also true that sometimes our first impressions can underestimate the real results we achieve. So it is with Monument IMPRESSION EX-93-8YR-CAN. What is it about this bull that so defies [...]

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Investing in Genetics for you Dairy herd is worth the money: What is your Genetic Budget?

Although purchasing genetics is an expense on your financial ledger, genetics are an investment in the future profitability of your dairy farm. So take a moment  to think about how you make the purchasing decisions on the genetics for your dairy herd. Every farm will have their own breeding philosophy and most will want [...]

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New! Dr. Register Calcium Bolus

Ask your Genetic Advisor about trying the Dr. Register Calcium Bolus: Two sources of calcium, calcium chloride, calcium sulfate Fast acting calcium absorption and a slower absorption with calcium sulphate Addition of vitamin D3 for better absorption of calcium Ideal for replacing lost calcium at calving

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Western Canadian Breeders Club Update

The first Breeders club shipment completed in-house went smoothly: 5 packages of embryos were shipped from 3 different breeders The shipment was inspected and sealed by CFIA on Dec 4th and shipped that same day The embryos arrived safely to their destination on Monday Dec 11th Thorough communication was kept between export team and [...]

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New Genomax: Something For Everyone

We enjoy poring over the multitude of options at proof time to assemble our new Genomax offering. Certainly, the chart-topping new comers for LPI and Pro$ and Conformation are the easy ones to identify for inclusion, there are others that more subtly find their way to the list – either because of their overall [...]

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New Proven Sires for December 2018

Five new proven sires graduated to the Proven side of the proof sheet, providing an attractive blend of production and type traits from a variety of pedigrees. We saw additions of strong milk volume bulls DIRECTION and EXTREME, strong Component production sires BOMBERO and LINEMAN, as well as a type expert in DUTY-FREE. [...]

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WestGen Barn Open House

Mayor Braun Cutting the Ribbon November 26, 2017 marked the celebration of WestGen’s new barn in Abbotsford. The rain held off and with it being a Saturday affair, families came out in numbers to see the WestGen barns. In attendance was Mayor Henry Braun of the City of Abbotsford; as well as [...]

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